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iPhone: Ruya

08-04-2016, 06:07 AM
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We would like to introduce you to Ruya!

Trapped in a coma, a young girl explores her dream on a journey of self-realisation. Ruya is a game where waking up is everything.

The player character, ‘Ruya’ floats gracefully atop an imaginary garden of her emotions. Your goal is to awaken her by matching her coloured traits which she absorbs, making her increasingly wise and elegant. Once she reaches enlightenment this will result in a moment of self-realisation.

The game is built for mobile devices for the casual audience.

You begin by placing and sorting coloured seeds into a grid. Once the target shape is formed you can swipe across them to complete the shape.

Ruya will provide hours of relaxation as you become increasingly immersed and focused in solving puzzles that become challenging and wondrous.

Each level provides continuous excitement as you master your creativity in sorting and popping shapes.

Help Ruya on her awe inspiring journey of waking up.

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08-04-2016, 06:54 AM
I am a sucker for a good match game that tired to do something different.
Count me in.
08-05-2016, 07:11 AM
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⬆️ Me too!