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App description: A minimalist 2d puzzle platformer where you push coloured blocks and manipulate gravity to solve puzzles. Explore mind-bending levels and discover the secrets of KUBOT.

Kubot challenges you with twisting gravity and managing colored mechanisms in this new iOS puzzle platformer - pocketgamer.co.uk

"Stylish, minimal and challenging... And with a beautiful but subtle soundtrack. The kind of game the iPad seems made for." - unworldly.co.uk

Already after the first few levels Kubot has me tied to my iPhone - appgefahren.de
08-05-2016, 02:56 AM
Looks intriguing! The problem is I can easily see this being either a very shoddily made platformer or a masterpiece. I'll TOFTT and be back soon with imps.

08-05-2016, 09:44 AM
Wow! Just played through the first two worlds. Definitely a slick, innovative, physics based puzzle-platformer. It looks lovely, the mechanics are interesting, controls are all good, and there was this moment at the end of the second chapter that left me thinking 'wow, just wow!'

It's a quality experience and I suspect it'll only get better and better in this latter half of the game. Pick it up! You won't regret it for just a buck.
08-05-2016, 01:35 PM
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Thanks for the mini-review!

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08-06-2016, 11:00 PM
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So far so great. I love these types of games. My only complain so far is that if you push a block into a corner and it gets stuck, you have to restart the level. Thanks for the rec TGE!
08-06-2016, 11:34 PM
Just a heads up - there is a whole series of levels after the 'last' level in the level select. So if you know you're near the end of the game I'd recommend not leaving it! You'll have to go back and redo a few levels I think. That's what happened to me so I'm almost but not quite at the end - I'm interested to see how this finishes.

There are some pretty neat puzzles here! There is of course a bit of a timing aspect to some levels but most of the time if you know what you're trying to achieve it isn't difficult.

Edit: just finished!
Full thoughts on this game follow, with spoilers!
That was a trip! The essential mechanics of the game are simple (push boxes, turn gravity) but there are lots of creative puzzles that had me confounded for a while.
While the level design is stunning I think the main thing that stands out to me in this game is how wonderfully and bizarrely meta it becomes. The end of the first chapter sees another 'player figure' knock down a block required to solve the level. At the end of the second chapter, you become that other 'player figure'. What's really interesting is that you can still leave the level at the same exit as you did originally - sending you back to the first level of the second chapter! It's really rather odd but there it's so cool how all the levels actually seem to be part of an over world - and you'll need to pay a bit of attention to its geometry to avoid somehow ending up at earlier levels.
You revisit some old levels in different ways, or some familiar places that are actually different; it's all really quite surprising and not what I expected at all after I played through the first few levels.
It's a clever, interesting, and solid puzzler, and that would have been enough to gain my praise, but it also manages to pull a few unexpected tricks on the player that suggest at something bigger.

There was only one thing I didn't like which was at the end of chapter three where the player mysteriously gets to double jump. It's kind of signposted and it's not in a normal level environment (which by this point the player associates with a few strange things happening) but it's just internally inconsistent and I didn't see the point of it.

Other than that though this was a very surprising experience that exceeded my already high expectations from the first two worlds. The final series of levels after the 'end' of the game is really quite mind bending, I didn't expect it at all!

Great game, I'm still left astounded and yes a little bit confused as to what it's all about but this game is really an oddball in the best way possible.

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08-07-2016, 12:00 AM
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With such strong recommendation from TheGreatEscaper, how can I resist? Instant buy...

Is it just me or there is a strong Thomas Was Alone vibe here...

Originally Posted by TheGreatEscaper View Post
It's a quality experience and I suspect it'll only get better and better in this latter half of the game. Pick it up! You won't regret it for just a buck.
08-07-2016, 09:15 AM
I thought of Thomas Was Alone as well from the screenshots but it's quite a different game. I thought Thomas Was Alone was a bit too long for its own good, every time I tried to get into it I would usually lose interest. KUBOT is a nice length and finishes before you can get tired of its puzzles.
08-30-2016, 10:18 AM
A real gem. Very like Thomas Was Alone but more focused and with better puzzles