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App description: Operation: New Earth is an intense sci fi multiplayer strategy game in which you must command an advanced military facility to defend Earth from a hostile alien invasion! Create an alliance, gather resources, and unlock advanced technology to level up your stronghold - your only protection against the invaders who are laying waste to the planet!

Prepare to defend yourself and your allies against other surviving human factions in the struggle for territory and dominance over what remains of our world - and battle for Neutronium, a powerful alien element like no other, brought to Earth by a meteorite shower. Seek it out to enhance your armies and advance your technology to become the most formidable force that humanity has ever seen.

Commander, its time to mobilize! Retake and defend this new Earth and let no enemy, alien or human, stand in your way!

JOIN THE FIGHT Connect with players from around the world in the massive battle to take back planet Earth.

BUILD YOUR BASE - Build and upgrade your facility unlocking new technologies, structures, dropships to become a juggernaut of power.

RAISE AN ARMY - Train an army of varied and specialized unit types including hi-tech infantry and cutting-edge war machines.

HARVEST NEARBY RESOURCES - Build outposts in the world to defend your supply lines and harvest Neutronium.

COMMAND YOUR HERO - Train an elite Hero unit for incredible advantages and bonuses, while attempting to defeat and capture enemy players Heroes in battle.

DEFEND YOUR TERRITORY - Raid, destroy, or capture enemy Heroes - choose your strategy to direct your troops in battle!

JOIN AN ALLIANCE - Assemble an Alliance and build a powerful network of territory; increase your defenses, gain great advantage over key resources and objectives, and strategize to terminate the opposition to your new Earth in a single stealth mobile strike!

Without powerful allies like you, humanity will surely fall. Its no longer fiction, Commander, you must join the fight now - or face extinction at the hands of your enemies!

*** NOTE: *** Operation: New Earth requires an internet connection to play and is optimized for iPad 4 or newer tablets and iPhone 5S or newer phones. Older devices may experience additional issues and instability when playing the game.

Hunted Cow Studios's comments:
Operation: New Earth! is now available Worldwide!

Screenshots (iPad)

Thank you for supporting our games!
08-25-2016, 01:09 PM
We've posted up the top 9 tips for getting started in the game on the forum here:


Let us know what you think once you give the game a try!

Web: http://www.huntedcow.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/huntedcow
Twitter: @HuntedCow
09-08-2016, 05:55 AM
Version 1.02 is now live and features the following game improvements :

Hero HUD now supports an overlay to indicate if the Hero is currently dead or captured
New critical health panel appears if Facility health drops below 20%
New Alliance Caches are now awarded for defeating Aliens rank 5 and higher
Silver Caches for Event Rewards are replaced with a new Alliance Event Cache
Region Name now visible in Settings and in World Map
Animation has been added for when Facilities are damaged or teleported
Chat UI is now all interactive and easily brings up the player's profile panel
Allied Outpost UI now shows troop capacity and total stationed
Fixed a crash that repeatedly could happen on the World map.
Various bug and translation fixes

Web: http://www.huntedcow.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/huntedcow
Twitter: @HuntedCow
09-30-2016, 07:34 AM
Game Update 1.3 is now live!

  • Region changing implemented.
  • Players can now view the Region Map from the button at the bottom of the world map.
  • Players below level 5 have been granted a Relocate Facility (Below Level 5) item which they can use to Relocate into any region.
  • Players with the Relocate Facility item can teleport to any region that isnt displayed as Closed.
  • All players in Omega 1 have been granted the 'Relocate Facility' item.
  • Engineering Outposts panel now shows the hourly neutronium production including bonuses.
  • Toasts now show when an ally makes an outpost and when an ally's outpost is upgraded
  • Instant training troops now shows a toast where before it required user input to remove the notification panel.
  • Teleport notification has been added to the Alliance Log.
  • Added some additional tutorial panels for low level players.
  • Attack Reports (which let you know if youve been attacked while offline) now also use the players last logout time to determine if an attack happened offline, rather than only relying on the read state of the notification
  • Updated validation for player rename, alliance rename and alliance creation to be more descriptive when certain names and tags are unavailable. Notably now provides information about whether names/tags are duplicates and whether they were rejected by the profanity filter.
  • Added option for Officer or higher Alliance ranks to send a message also as a Push Alert. Sending as an Alert requires confirmation.
  • Player Profiles viewed from the World Map have been updated to include a link to an Expanded Profile View. This version shows more extensive stats and information about each player. We'll be rolling this change out across every instance where the Player Profile can be accessed in the next update.
  • A new Alien Mothership can be found at 233,278. It seems dormant...for now.
  • Updated the alliance kick panel so the kick button is disabled after being pressed the first time
  • Fixed the remaining Hero XP was showing a negative value when hero was at max level in the Add Hero XP panel.
  • Fixed occasional crash when closing a notification panel.
  • Fixed a small memory leak with notification pop-up panels.
  • Fixed an issue with Alliance Rename panel.
  • Fixed a bug where the Shield item didn't work if youve never visited the world map.
  • Fixed a issue where player's weren't always warned they might be cancelling their shield.
  • Fixed bug where structure allowances could become incorrect.
  • Player teleport popup should now work as intended.
  • Collapsed chat should now correctly scroll to the bottom automatically on startup, minimizing expanded chat or receiving a new message.
  • Fixed some font sizes in the Alliance Settings Menu text for German.
  • Speed Up text on research panels now fits correctly in all languages.
  • Dropship stats now fit correctly in all languages.
  • Localisation applied in some missing places.
  • Fixed some bad grammer in French and Spanish.
  • Updated the text field height in the Global Network for food to stop the text getting cut off.

Web: http://www.huntedcow.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/huntedcow
Twitter: @HuntedCow
12-07-2016, 10:43 AM
Game Update 1.4

Youtube link | Pop Up

Patch Notes
Nuclear Silos will now become active on the World Map. Alliances can capture these Silos by deploying troops to ‘Secure’ them. Once secured, the controlling Alliance will have 24 hours to launch a missile strike against targets in their current region.
A new button will show on the world map if any Nuclear silos are currently active.
Added an extra info button on the deployment panel to explain the different types of attack march.
The buffs button on the HUD now also displays how many active buffs the player has, a new buff indicator has been added for when a shield is active.
Players now have a button to send more dropships to the same target as an initial deployment. (Redeploy)
Medical bays now show the request help button in the correct color & position and the button hides in the correct situations.
Medical bay now shows the capacity on the healing panel at all times.
Medical Bays have had their capacities increased by an additional 20%.
Lowered the required experience points required for gaining Alliance Cache Levels, as a result some Alliances may notice an increase in their current Cache Level.
Player can now be notified when daily missions, alliance missions and alien UFOs are ready for collection via push notifications.
A panel has been added to the facility overview to show various values relating to city capacities.
The missions notifications panel in the HUD now displays up to 99 uncollected missions.
The missions icon on the HUD now separates notifications for Main Missions and Daily & Alliance Missions.
Higher tier units that die in combat will now go to the medical bay first.
Mission panels redesigned to allow easier boosting of mission.
The bookmarks panel has been split into two tabs - your facilities and your actual bookmarks
Alliance leaders can now leave bulletins for their allies to read later. (These can only be read by members of the Alliance.)
Players can now see potential rewards available from engaging alien sectors.
Rewards gained from collecting timed UFO’s have been increased based on the player’s current Headquarters Level.
Drone cooldown and mission timers are now visible in the timer and extended timer panels on the HUD.
When gathering deployments are returning home, the deployment panel now shows what resource and how much they’re bringing.
The expanded timer panel now starts to scroll at 6 items instead of 8, meaning it’s less likely to overlap with elements of the game.
Added a checkbox that lets you choose whether or not to follow a new deployment.

Fixed an issue where after sending a deployment the game could spin endlessly on the deployment panel.
Fixed a missing sound effect on the deployment increase capacity panel.
Fixed an issue where the extended timer panel could get left in an incorrect state when switching to the various views.
Fixed a bug where heroes could incorrectly be released twice.
When stationed troops are dismissed from the city, the dismiss button is disabled and does not allow players to tap it multiple times. (which would cause a desync)
If stationed troops are dismissed and return while their owner is online - they are now added to the facilities units when they arrive.
Fixed bug where missions could cause a desync when instant completing them in a specific order.
Fixed bug where instant completing missions could show invalid numbers on the button.
Players can now no longer send reinforcements until they have a security station.
Fixed an issue where explosions did not show for other players in the world.
Various fixes and improvements to translated chat display.
Fixed various chat issues.
Fixed bug where unit production timers would extend when the buff from operations expired. Having the buff active at the start of production is now all that is required to boost production for its duration.
Fixed a bug where stationed units could go incorrectly to the medical bay if the player is online when receiving them.
Fixed a bug where hostile marches were not correctly returned when using a shield.
Fixed an issue where an incorrect claim button was shown in challenges if the player joined the alliance after the event completed.
Fixed a bug where contest marches would not return if they complete while the user is online.
Fixed a bug where instant training of units could cause a disconnect.
Fixed a bug where facilities showed the damaged effect when they are no longer damaged.
Updated the UI to respond better to situations where new alliances may not be loaded but the panel is still showing the information from the last alliance that was viewed.
The Hero Avatar Preview panel now correctly dims the panels behind it.
Fixed a bug where the selection would sometimes offer you buttons on a different march that is returning from that tile.
Fixed news image getting cut off at the bottom in the news panel.

~The Operation: New Earth Team

Web: http://www.huntedcow.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/huntedcow
Twitter: @HuntedCow
02-15-2017, 11:33 AM
Game Update 1.5 - Rallies

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Patch Notes
  • Cross platform play is now available with the Steam, iOS and Android.
  • A new interior structure has been added, the Situation Room, this structure will allow Alliance members of rank Officer and above to create Rallies. Players will require a level 10 Headquarters in order to build the Situation room.
  • Rallies are deployments that can up to 2.5 million in units in size, and can contain the troops of multiple alliance members, the creator of the Rally will specify a briefing period, in which Alliance members have time to donate troops before the Rally is deployed.
  • When joining the Rally, your troops will deploy to the main Facility of the Rally owner and join into a Rally deployment. This deployment cannot be attacked by other players.
  • As many alliance members can donate as needed in order to reach the rally capacity, however each Alliance member may only donate once.
  • Alliance have a limit of 10 concurrent rallies, regardless of stage. Rallies travel at a speed of 3 regardless of troop composition and cannot use fuel boosts.
  • Destroy attacks on Facilities no longer prevent defenses being salvaged.
  • The amount of defenses the Defensive Salvaging research salvaged in combat has been increased for levels 1 through 9 for each skill I, II, III and IV.
  • You can now share combat-related notifications with your alliance.
  • Selecting territory sectors in the world now displays an Alliance name when possible.

  • Fixed an issue where heroes experience loss from dying was higher than expected in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue when clicking to view Nuclear Strikes the panel wouldnt always close correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with units being sorted differently each time a troop deployment panel was opened.
  • Fixed a bug where the text for the deploy options would be blank.
  • Fixed language format exception in every language file when alliance help was completed.
  • Fixed a bug where the level of the enemy hero sometimes wouldnt be displayed on a scouting report.
  • Captured heroes displayed in a players extended profile now correctly display their rank.
  • Fixed an issue where the world map tutorial would display even if you had already visited the world map.
  • Fixed bug where requesting help was not boosting the time correctly for the production queue at times.
  • Fixed a bug where some deployments would stay on the deployment screen until you closed the window even if they already completed.
  • Fixed a bug where boosting or requesting heal on healing units could cause a disconnect.
  • Fixed a bug where the client would be able to add hero XP to the hero even if the hero is dead, resulting in an incorrect event score displayed to the player.

We hope you are all as excited as we are about this update! Thanks for supporting the game and we'd love to hear any feedback you may have after the game update goes live!

~The Operation New Earth Team

Web: http://www.huntedcow.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/huntedcow
Twitter: @HuntedCow