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[Important: Requires iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad mini 2, or above]

"A mesmerizing and unexpectedly emotional journey." -- LA Times

Gemini - A Journey of Two Stars is an interactive poem and video game about two stars flying into the heavens together.

Youre a star. Encountering another of your kind, you move in tandem to explore mythical spaces. Together you will twirl and surf in fluid motions, share moments of joy, overcome obstacles, and discover the meaning of your journey.

- Designed for everyone, with simple and intuitive controls
- Original and expressive gameplay, where moving is like dancing
- Absorbing narrative delivered wordlessly with stunning visuals
- Abstract and dreamlike world immersed with haunting music
- Finish the single player game to unlock innovative modes for two players
- No In-App Purchases -- buy it once and enjoy

As a tiny team of indies, we have worked three years to deliver this experience to you. We all put our hearts and souls into this work, and we hope that it speaks to you on a personal level.


- SXSW 2015 Gamer's Voice Finalist
- IGF 2015 Student Showcase Winner
- IndieCade 2014 Finalist
- BigSushi.FM PAX Prime 2014 Golden Sushi Award
- Boston FIG 2014 Awesome Aesthetics Award
- Indie Prize US Showcase 2014 Official Selection

Boardumb's comments:

08-25-2016, 05:55 PM
Love this game. I made a short preview video the other day of anyone wants to see how it works:

08-29-2016, 01:02 PM
Joined: Aug 2016
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Played and cried

Just finish the game, I cried a little bit by the end of the game.
I gotta say, not too many games can make me cry, the latest one is Journey on PS3.
PS: After I beat the game, I find out that they have a very tricky two player mode, which require you to hug another player while playing it. Haven't tried yet, but my first impression is, it might be a good way to hit on girls...
04-02-2017, 02:36 PM
Joined: Aug 2011
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Seems like a hidden gem that no one ever got?
02-19-2018, 09:34 PM
Joined: Oct 2017
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Originally Posted by imdakine1 View Post
Seems like a hidden gem that no one ever got?
Kind of?

This game was fantastic, it also had marvelous artwork on par with MV. It deserves more attention!