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App description: A world to build at the tip of your fingers

Start by BUILDING a TRACK with roads and rails
Next organize a CITY with its walls, buildings and trees.
All you have to do is EXPLORE the fascinating city you've imagined

Thanks to you, Pango and his friends will take turns as the firefighter, grocer, postman or doctor. They travel by train or car, visit big monuments like the Eiffel Tower and return home to sleep in the evening.

You can be PROUD of the city you've imagined!

With PANGO BUILD City, your child builds and rebuilds in complete freedom. It gives free rein to children's creativity, drives their logical thinking and motor skills. A game with positive repercussions for BETTER GROWTH!

For smaller children, PANGO BUILD adapts by proposing 13 pre-built cities. The child starts by MANIPULATING and EXPLORING the universe. Little by little, the child can MODIFY the cities before embarking on the grand adventure of BUILDING on a blank slate.


To know more: http://www.studio-pango.com

- BUILD a track
- ORGANISE a city
- EXPLORE that universe and PLAY with Pango and his friends.
- Save the cities that YOU'VE imagined.
- A BUILDING game that lets children flourish and grow FREELY.
- A game that EVOLVES with pre build cities for the smallest children to use.
- Perfect for children 3 or older
- A simple, functional application
- Internal parental control
- No in-game purchases and no invasive advertising
08-28-2016, 01:41 PM
Joined: Oct 2013
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I know this game is meant for five-year-olds, but I feel like I found a hidden gem. You design micro-towns on small, gridded planes, with a surprisjng variety of choices in type and size of buildings, roads, and natural features (some items' size or color can be changed by tapping on them in the build menu, while some can be changed by tappin once built).

Once finished, there's nothing to do but look at the finished city, move inhabitants into various buildings or activities, and start or stop cars -- intersections can have their rules changed by tapping on them. Finally, day and night can be toggled, giving an extra layer of aesthetic difference.

There's not much more to say, but the possibilities are deceptively large, as some of the pre-made cities demonstrate. I know $3 is a lot to ask for a random kids' game, but there's no IAP, and it's just a surprising amount of fun.