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Independent Music & Audio Talent | The Higher Eclectic Ground Thread

09-02-2016, 09:14 AM
Independent Music & Audio Talent | The Higher Eclectic Ground Thread


Founded in August, 2015 and operated ever since by Sean Braganza, Higher Eclectic Ground is a curated network of independent developers and artists involved in the creation of Video Games and Video Game related media.

While providing personalised PR & QA based support to games and their developers throughout their creation cycles, the network also caters to professional creators of gaming related media -- working to garner them exposure and freelance opportunities within the industry.

Naturally then, in acting as a resource for professional talent that can be collaborated with on one’s own game projects, we have under our affiliation experienced and professional independent musicians and audio designers looking to provide their services towards the game development process.

The following thread serves to put forward the portfolios and availability of each, hoping to bring their services to the notice of potential iOS based collaborators -- game developers and other visitors -- resident on the Touch Arcade forums here.

Member Spaces

On its website, Higher Eclectic Ground maintains a categorically organised Member Catalogue that serves as a portal to all of its associated media creators and games.

Note that each of these creators and games are certified professionals that undergo an extended approval process -- wherein their resume's, prior experience, previous clients and more are evaluated over E-mail and Skype based correspondence (Learn more in our FAQ).

Each member is provided with a Higher Eclectic Space on the network's website, that provides all necessary details and information pertaining to their services, history and experience. Spaces also comprise of slider-styled portfolios, each of which are updated with new content from their respective members' prior/current body of work on a weekly basis.

How This Thread Works

Linked to the original post at all times is be a list of all of Higher Eclectic Ground's affiliated freelance musicians and sound designers, complete with all the necessary details and a hyperlink to their Higher Eclectic Spaces as per the forum's rules.

Subsequent posts will serve to reflect a change in the availability of an artist or to showcase recent additions to their portfolios.

Getting In Touch With a Musician/Audio Artist

Each artist's Higher Eclectic Space links to a sub-forum dedicated to that artist on Higher Eclectic Ground -- where all interaction in the form of feedback, collaboration requests and queries may occur.

To contact an audio artist, simply navigate to their respective Spaces using this OP or any subsequent posts and leave them a message on their Higher Eclectic sub-forum. Alternatively, one may also choose to leave Higher Eclectic Ground a mail or a simple note on this thread.

Either way, all job requests are first validated by the team before discussions with the corresponding artists ensue. Once a collaboration has been agreed upon by both parties, Higher Eclectic Ground periodically monitors job progress/status on both ends before issuing official announcements & press releases of the same across its network.

This is to not only highlight the role its artists have played on an employer's project, but to also provide coverage to the employers and their projects themselves.

Other Talent

While this thread serves to only highlight Higher Eclectic Ground's freelance audio/music talent, it also has a similar thread established for its art talent here on TouchArcade.

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to working with you,

List of Higher Eclectic Ground's Independent Musicians Available For Hire

Alfredo Sirica| Orvieto, Italy | Classical, Orchestral Music | Flexible Rates/Rev-Shares | Available

With skills previously showcased in the fields of theatre and the English-Italian translations of various media, Orvieto (TR), Italy based Alfredo Sirica utilises his expertise in the composition and orchestration of classical music to create high quality soundtracks for games and film.

Will Phillips | Louisville, USA | Orchestral Based Music | Flexible Rates/Rev-Shares | Available

With a work record that spans the writing and production of film scores, accompaniment pieces, jingles/stingers, along with the arrangement of musical pieces for various academic and performance ensembles rooted in a plethora of genres, Louisville, Kentucky based independent Music composer/producer Will Phillips’ contributions to the independent gaming industry have covered both PC and handheld games thus far.

His goal lies in creating high quality, original music for Video Game related media while also meeting the needs of developers and collaborators to create fully immersive environments.

Sam Oz | Winterthur, Switzerland | Multi-Genre | Flexible Rates/Rev-Shares | Unavailable - On Holiday

An art-loving musician since the young age of seven with a record of professional animation & game-centric music composition dating back to 2009, Sam Oz fosters a constant yearning for the right kind of mood & ambience in his creations. To this end, he is seen making use of a plethora of virtual and traditional instruments to further a craft that ranges across several musical genres.

Jovanotti Must Die - JMD | Retro/Modern Chip-Rock, Electronic, Ambient | Flexible Rates/Rev-Shares | Available

Los Angeles, California based Simone Bernacchia, also known by his stage name Jovanotti Must Die (J.M.D), is a Milkytracker utilising music composer with a work history that spans various Amiga homebrew games, animations and commercials since 1989. Still heavily involved in the Amiga homebrew scene, his preferred genres include that of chip-rock along with modern plus retro variations of electronic and ambient music.

Caleb Cuzner | Multi-Genre, Sound Design | Flexible Rates/Rev-Shares | Available

Based within the United States, Caleb Cuzner is a prolific background music composer with a history of more than 900 compositions written for games, videos, live performances and more since 2007.

Pursuing versatility, while Cuzner is willing to work in any kind of genre, his musical experience spans but is not limited to the genres of Techno, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Dance, Industrial, Chiptune, Orchestral, Classical, Epic, Dark/Quiet, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Soft Rock, Ambient, Jazz, and hybrids of these genres.

He is also fluent in Sound Design, although the musician prefers that he work as a sound designer on a video game production only if he’s composing music for the same as well.

Van Reeves | Philippines | Synthwave/Outrun/Cinematic/Ambient Music, Sound Design | Donations Only | Available

Operating as a self-taught, underground electronic musician out of Manila, Phillipines since as early as 2008, Van Reeves’s independent solo act sees him combining his passion for strategy, stealth and narrative packed role-playing games with that for still and motion pictures to create retrospective, heavy-metal infused music.

-- End of List --

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09-05-2016, 03:35 AM
Only Yesterday | Sam Oz

Only Yesterday | Sam Oz

Sam Oz's ode to 1991 Japanese animated film Only Yesterday makes use of only the piano and violin in its composition; he does so to play on the melancholy of the film, which stands centred on themes of childhood and associated nostalgia.

This track along with several others from the musician's Tribute to Studio Ghibli album can be downloaded via his Bandcamp. Their use however is governed by the terms listed at his Higher Eclectic Space.

An art-loving musician since the young age of seven with a record of professional animation & game-centric music composition dating back to 2009, Sam Oz is currently available to game music composition requests across nearly any genre. Operating at immense flexibility, his portfolio of work continues to be hyperlinked to the OP.

09-07-2016, 03:33 AM
Exploring Your Dreams | Caleb Cuzner

Exploring Your Dreams | Caleb Cuzner

Composed for an upcoming RPG titled Ecrore, Exploring Your Dreams is a music box melody utilising gameplay loop from musician Caleb Cuzner.

The melody itself is a recurrent theme prominent in several other tracks from the game's soundtrack, which is notably being worked on by a variety of composers. This is Caleb's second composition from Ecrore that's been showcased herein; Fighting on Your Own being the other, although the musician had simply alluded to it being designed for an RPG battle back in May.

Due to the use of a melody that is shared with other tracks, Exploring Your Dreams is not available as a free download via the musician's SoundCloud. Those wishing to use it in their games however are still invited to get in touch to discuss terms by leaving a message on his Higher Eclectic Space.

Specialising in multi-genre compositions and sound design, Caleb Cuzner is a prolific background music composer with over 900 compositions for videos, games and live performances on his record. Operating at immense flexibility, one may view his portfolio and get in touch with collaboration requests at any time via the hyperlink in the OP.
09-08-2016, 06:12 AM
Ngc -1731 | jmd

In the year of 1996, musician Simone Bernacchia had aspired to develop a Space Encyclopedia for AGA powered Amiga consoles with a friend. While the project later ended up being canned, his composition of NGC-1731 here was meant to serve as its soundtrack.

Amiga homebrew musician Simone Bernacchia, also known by his stage name Jovanotti Must Die (J.M.D), is a flexible Milkytracker utilising composer proficient in the Electronic, Ambient & Chip-rock genres. You may view a portfolio of his work and get in touch by leaving him a note at his Higher Eclectic Space, which is also linked to the OP.​
09-12-2016, 05:18 AM
The Mystery | Sam Oz

The Mystery is an experimental composition from video game composer Sam Oz's 8-Bit Music album. Available for free listening only, the track along with eight others from the album can now be downloaded via Bandcamp.

Need similar retro music for your own games? Affiliated to the Higher Eclectic Network, Sam Oz is an independent video game music composer operating at flexible rate/revenue shares across a multitude of genres. One may view a portfolio of his work and make a request by leaving him a note at his Higher Eclectic Space, also linked to the OP.
09-14-2016, 04:49 AM
Notice From Senpai | Van Reeves

Exuding dark, cold 90's cyberpunk, composer Van Reeves' latest composition may be titled 'Notice From Senpai', but relevant to Anime it is not.

Now available for free-use in your own game projects. View all associated terms and make a request for the audio file at the musician's Higher Eclectic Space.

Mr.Reeves is an independent composer and sound designer creating outrun/synthwave and heavy-metal infused music for video games. Despite being currently unavailable to new collaborations, one may view a portfolio of his work and make requests for existing compositions at the aforementioned Space -- also hyperlinked to the OP.
09-14-2016, 01:26 PM
Adrenerush | Caleb Cuzner

Originally meant to serve as a demo track, Caleb Cuzner's orchestral loop of 'Adrenerush' aspires to convey action of the shooter genre. Now available as a free download; One may view its terms of usage and and make a request for the track at the musician's Higher Eclectic Space.

With a history of over 900 compositions, Cuzner is a Higher Eclectic affiliated video game music composer and sound designer proficient in a plethora of genres. He works at flexible rates, revenue shares and is currently accepting requests; details linked at all times to the OP.
09-20-2016, 05:38 AM
Ready, Set, Go & Star Highway

Ready, Set, Go | Will Phillips

A concept track from developers Bake450's mobile racing game, Super Meme Kart. Composed by Will Phillips, the tune pursues both a sense of urgency and manic fun.

Learn, listen & view more from the orchestral based video game composer on his Higher Eclectic Space, also linked to the OP. Currently accepting music and collaboration requests at flexible rates & revenue shares, his preferred genres of work fall within an orchestral blend of jazz, rock, latin and funk.


Star Highway (1994) | Simone Bernacchia

Youtube link | Pop Up

Star Highway; Composed by Simone Bernacchia in 1994, this was to serve as the soundtrack to a fractal generator utilising animation titled Lendam Planet.

Learn, view and listen to more from the retro/modern video game musician's varied portfolio on his Higher Eclectic Space, also linked to the OP. Currently accepting music and collaboration requests on a paid, revenue share and free basis depending on a project's scope, his specialisation lies in retro-modern fusions of chip-rock, electronic and ambient music.
09-22-2016, 04:56 AM
Kiki's Delivery Service | Sam Oz

Youtube link | Pop Up

Composer Sam Oz illustrates his use of the harp in this reflective tribute to Hayao Miyazaki's animated film, Kiki's Delivery Service.He talks of discovering the film late in his life while bundling the track and the rest of his personal 'Tribute to Studio Ghibli' album as a free download.

Sam Oz works across a plethora of genres, accepting music composition and sound design requests out of Winterthur, Switzerland.One may view a portfolio of his work and get in touch via his Higher Eclectic Space, linked to the OP at all time.


Mysterious Man | Caleb Cuzner

Youtube link | Pop Up

'Mysterious Man' is composer Caleb Cuzner's contribution to Multiverse -- a game focused on travel through multiple parallel universes.

Its Jazzy & Blues base is a play on a specific character that players encounter on their journeys, one that's sarcastic and a tad bit too humorous; Now also available as a free download for use in your games by making a request for the audio file at the musician's Higher Eclectic Space.

With over 900 tunes composed, Cuzner is a background music composer and sound designer creating audio for video games across a multitude of genres. He seeks to work well within your budget or lack of it; view his portfolio and get in touch by leaving a message at the aforementioned Space, also linked at all times to the OP.
09-26-2016, 01:15 PM
Leader of The Cult | Van Reeves

This synth-pounding of 'Leader of The Cult' is yet another testament to musician Van Reeves' fascination with imaginary screenplays, film and music.

The track is now available for free use in your games under the Creative Commons with Attribution license. Feel free to learn more of associated terms and get in touch by leaving a note at his Higher Eclectic Space.

Synthwave, Outrun, Heavy Metal, Cinematic & Ambient; affiliated to the Higher Eclectic Ground network for independent game talent, these are but the genres Mr.Reeves dabbles in -- often combining them all to create intense musical compositions for video games.

He operates on a donation basis only, catering to personalised requests and providing his compositions as free-to-use assets. More details in the aforementioned Space, also linked to the OP.