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Using an iPhone as a game console?

09-03-2016, 12:07 AM
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Using an iPhone as a game console?

Hi everyone!

I'm considering buying an iPhone 7 mainly for the camera.

While I'm at it I'm thinking of buying a game controller and iPhone to HDMI cable so I can play IOS games on the big screen.

Before I go ahead with this idea does anyone see any possible pitfalls with this idea which I haven't considered? For example are there any issues with delay or picture quality?
09-03-2016, 09:52 AM
Interested to hear that as well.
09-03-2016, 12:01 PM
I know this isn't what you asked about but you're better off getting an actual console and an actual camera
About your question there won't be delay if you're using an hdmi cable but there is delay if you use Apple TV for mirroring and picture quality won't change much but there is gonna be some scaling.
09-03-2016, 03:39 PM
It works well with the AppleTV (Airplay) and a good WiFi network but I never tried with HDMI.