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Human Resource Machine $9.99>$0.99

09-05-2016, 12:25 AM
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Human Resource Machine $9.99>$0.99

On sale. 80% off.

Never played it but it caught my eye. Also has an editor's choice so how bad can it be.
Seems to have some decent reviews, and it apparently teaches the basics of programming which I wouldn't mind trying out.
09-05-2016, 06:01 AM
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I have been playing this on Steam and it is a great logic game. At this price, I will play it on IOS instead. :-)

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09-05-2016, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by metalcasket View Post
9.99 originally
09-05-2016, 11:17 PM
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According to app shopper the iOS version was $4.99 before. Anyway… Great game! Very recommended! Thanks to devs and for the hint!

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09-06-2016, 09:57 PM
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I am enjoying it but I wish that it had iCloud so that my saved games would sync between devices.
09-06-2016, 10:29 PM
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This is a fantastic deal on a really good game.
09-07-2016, 06:51 AM
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Wow. This game is freaking fantastic. I love how I can put the game down, feeling frustrated, and the solution will occur to me when I'm doing something completely different, possibly hours or even a day later.

Safe to say that I'm not an elegant coder - I think I will just end up skipping a fair chunk of the optimisation challenges for minimal commands - but this is a fantastic challenge to those who enjoy logic problems. Already one of my favourite puzzle games, ever.

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09-07-2016, 07:08 AM
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I'm having fun with this game. We could use a lot more edutainment style games.

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