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App description: You are online.

You are fire and order.

You are a firewall.

You are here to protect.


"Open Sorcery" is a game about technology, magic and becoming a person.

It follows the development of BEL/S, an Elemental Firewall: a creature of intertwined magic and code.

It is text-based and uses the revolutionary Twine engine. There are 55,000 words of text, five animated sequences, and ten possible endings.

In this game you can:

* Search for malicious spirits
* Protect your network
* Make friends
* Burn everything
* Learn
* Dream
* Become sapient
09-09-2016, 01:25 AM
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This was extremely short at around an hour, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's a hypertextual interactive fiction piece that I found to be well-scripted and consistently entertaining. It uses the hypertext engine to good effect, especially in portions that play with the story itself, and the framing device of essentially patrolling a beat works very well to pace the story. The scattered technological references worked for my inner nerd.

It's a little expensive for the length but I'd really like to see more from this author.

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