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App description: In a reality where cats are the most adorably devious creatures in existence, its only natural for them to seek unlimited political power and they need your help!

Create your cute, cuddly candidate, and realize your dreams of world domination by assembling a team of tiny humans to manage your campaign and get you elected. Youll start out as Class President and work your way up to become Supreme Earth Cat, earning endorsements from Celebrity Cats along the way! Watch as supporters flock to hear what you have to say, offering up their hard earned cash to fund your global campaign.

So get out there, Vote Cat, and make 2017 the year of the kitten!


* Personalize Your Cat *
Come up with your very own name, slogan, & special look!

* Hire a Team *
From interns to videographers, every campaign needs staff.

* Special Abilities *
Advance your political agenda with powerful active skills.

* Get Endorsed *
Sign deals with celebrity cats! Kitty Purry can help spread your message.

* Play As Famous Felines *
Unlock Cats of Legend including GARFIELD and more!

* Cat Naps *
Your campaign is always on, so nap all you like, the donations keep rolling in.

Any questions, problems or suggestions? Wed love to hear from you! You can reach us at mobilesupport@r2games.com.

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09-10-2016, 08:19 AM
Very fun clicker.

My friend code: dqpmmb6
09-10-2016, 01:40 PM
My friend code: xzerhh4

I like how it often feels like there's a "power struggle" for the votes in the final election / boss fight in each stage, and how you just need a majority of the votes to win - not 100% damage.

I wish the 'skill trees' for the Staff Members were more visible, as you only see the benefits for upgrading them to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond level, not the 'lesser' levels along the way.

And I don't really understand how the accessories work. Do they provide cumulative benefits even if you're only wearing one of them? Or do you just need the highest percentage in each category and that's as good as you can get?