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App description: APOLLO KIDS has many unique characters which have been in many short stories,
but this time the story is in the form of a funny puzzle action game.

A short time ago, an evil character called "Original Sparm" caught many characters with his "PRIZON LASER". His own diabolical invention.
So you, and the APOLLO KIDS ( the 4 main characters in the story) have to rescue them.

This game is very easy to use.
you just select a drop, turn it, or move it.
and if you can make the right choice or get lucky you can make some big chain reactions.

====The key to this game is making chains.====

if you can make big chains many times, you will be able to help the APOLLO KIDS rescue all of the captured characters!

Sometimes, the APOLLO KIDS will help you.
if you make an APOLLO KIDS DROP disappear, they will use their special technique!

and PUZZLE MODE has 99 questions. At first It's very easy, but It will get more and more hard later.
Let's try all complete!!

- Easy to use but challenging Action Puzzle Game.
- There is an easy How to play tutorial.
- There are cute pixel art characters.
- there is a prologue using a picture story.
- there are 3 game modes. PUZZLE MODE, RESCUE MODE, CHALLENGE MODE.
- auto save and resume.
- if you start iPod music while playing a game, the game's BGM will stop automatically. and if you stop your iPod the game's BGM will restart. (if you are using headphones with a remote controller for iPhone or iPod touch)

You can see a short animated Podcast at the following URL.


international: English, Japanese

For iPhone or iPod touch (2nd Generation)
You need over iPhone OS 3.0
10-15-2009, 10:02 AM
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Painfully cute as well as a "licensed" item, but maybe the game is actually half-way decent? Anybody want to TOFTT?

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10-15-2009, 06:07 PM
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Anyone TOFTT?

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10-17-2009, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by eggzbacon View Post
Anyone TOFTT?
Cutesy cheese to be sure but, actually, a damn original and twisted game! As cute as it looks, even on Easy it is pretty quick and brutal.

The main and basic objective, pick any of the "prisoners", turn them so they are oriented in the same direction as a matching guy. You can also slide any of these characters up, down, left, or right in a straight line to get same folk next to each other. The big points come by causing bigger groupings to pop at once or even better, cause big chain reactions where matching characters fall into place. To make this brutally difficult you only have a limited amount of time (or moves, not sure exactly) with matches only replenishing a small amount. The game sports four Apollokids which you can't move if they appear on the board but if you set off a scoring move next to one it will trigger his unique power that will often result in some big chain reactions.

Wacky weird stuff and not really a "kids" game (they could play but it is challenging for oldsters as well).

Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan, Game Consultant
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10-17-2009, 07:33 PM
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looks retro and fun at the same time. 2 in 1 special bonus