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App description: Meet Cat Simulator 3D - CATastrophic Pet and its main character! This little kitten wont leave you indifferent it's so cute, energizing and sweet, you will love it from the very beginning! But once this little purring creature is home alone, it can get very naughty and make a lot of mess in the apartment Well, its master will drop his jaw when he's back!

Little kitty left alone in a big room - this is a very dangerous combination! If you think cats are cute furry pets with angelic temper...well, never in your life have you been so mistaken! For this cat can get very naughty!

HOW TO PLAY: Choose from 9 different cats you want to play with. Use joystick to move. To reach the high-score, you must drop and break as many things as you can and collect all fish-coins on your way.

You sure can bring as much chaos as you can, but stay alert: a little puppy is on its guard and it will surely try to catch you!

Cat Simulator 3D - CATastrophic Pet Features:
- Perfect pet simulator you wont feel lonely anymore!
- Lots of fun activities to try
- No rules: feel finally free to do whatever you want
- Different combos and extra-points
- Funny kitten sounds wont leave you indifferent.

Cat Simulator 3D - CATastrophic Pet live a cats life! Explore this giant world of humans around you and have fun!

Mister Katter's comments:

9 CATS, 9 LIVES, over 9 MILLION TONS of FUN. Smash, destroy, spoil, disturb, run, catch... Do everything an average naughty cat do and UNLOCK NEW INTERACTIONS.
Dare to deal with HER... Whom? Well, it needs to be discovered!

• Special cat missions
Scratch & pee, hunt the mice, disturb old Duke...

UNLOCK NEW interactions with EACH level!

• Crazy Cat-Dog chases
What about fighting with Duke? Run off if you can.

Mind the TIME LIMIT to successfully complete the mission!

• 3D indoor locations
The whole house is under your control.



• 9 cats of various breeds

• 5 cat interactions

• 20 incredible levels

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09-20-2016, 12:17 PM
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Seems to be a good game.