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App description: Build a football empire by taking over a club, spreading crime and controlling the entire city. Manage, deal, bribe and scheme to become the best club owner on the block - and soon the world- in Underworld Football Manager 2017.

Train your fantasy team, build up your club, sign premier players, master questionable mob skills, resort to dirty crime and corruption to outwit rival club managers and rule the city. Win the match before the referee even blows the whistle.

Underworld Football Manager 2017 FEATURES

Compete online for free, against real life opponents in leagues and tournaments to become the top club manager of all time.
Sign and train players to turn them into champions. You can even give them items to enhance their abilities.
Take control of an entire city and build an empire through crime and corruption: Spy, assault, bribe and vandalise rival clubs to come out on top.
Play your top eleven premier players in your fantasy team and take out real life opponents with your mafia skills.
Level up and learn skills to gain dirty advantages over rivals in the mob or come up with cleaner strategies to take out rival clubs.
Cooperate with friends online, take down the highest opposition and bid against other managers in live player auctions.
Evolve from small-time gangster to the top of the mafia underworld.

Enter a real world club managing experience. Utilize crime to take out your competition and compete against real opponents to come out on top in Underworld Football Manager 2017.

This is an online-only football management game where youre competing against real opponents (so make sure you have an internet connection).

We're constantly adding new features - so let us know what you think at support@underworldfootball.com, and join our Facebook community at www.facebook.com/UnderworldFootball

Supported Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Hebrew, Russian and Bosnian

candese's comments:

Website: http://www.underworldfootball.com
10-26-2016, 02:28 AM
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Major update is out!

The new version includes further improvements in app performance as well as new features and numerous tweaks throughout the game:
- New and enhanced club emblems;
- All new sounds effects;
- Quicker rounds when bidding for star players;
- A massive increase in League rewards - up to 10 times higher!;
- Extra achievement levels as well as new "Hot Potato" achievement;
- New languages, Italian, Turkish and Hebrew.

UFM team continues to work on other major features, including many of those suggested by users.
You can share your feedback and receive support via email, support@underworldfootball.com,
or on the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/FootballUnderworld/

11-17-2016, 05:55 PM
Joined: Sep 2016
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New screens

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11-17-2016, 11:39 PM
Joined: Jan 2015
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This game is great. How did I miss this.
I hate soccer games but I didn't let this throw me off.
Usa is hard to promote soccer to.
But this is more a simulator than soccer.

Amazing job 5stars
I'll be promoting on other forums and outlets
12-21-2016, 04:21 PM
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Version 2.9 is out!

Latest release of the Underworld Football Manager introduced the following:

- New facility: Advertising Agency — bonus rewards for playing matches!
- Brand new category of items: “Special” items
- New items added to previous categories in the Pawn Shop
- Vandalism items rebalanced — 'fairer' success rate
- New quests added — inspired by user designs
- More facility levels
- More emblem components added
- lots of UI improvements and technical tweaks.
01-27-2017, 03:57 PM
Joined: Sep 2016
Location: San Francisco, CA
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Version 2.9.4

Smaller update is out!

What's new?

- New Community Pitch effect: More levels means more Talent!
- Tweaked player development values
- More match improvements
- Added Portuguese and Bosnian!
- Daily Challenges to now begin at level 11
- As usual, a lot of other small stuff!

Join and build an empire!
02-24-2017, 03:41 PM
Joined: Sep 2016
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Syndicates are due in a couple of weeks!
Stay tuned
03-20-2017, 05:34 PM
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Underworld Football Manager 3 is out!

UFM 3 is finally out! It contains "Clans" and tons of improvements.

New version includes
- Syndicates: team up with others and create a super team
- Live chat
- New & improved Daily Challenges
- Improved tournament matchmaking
- Re-balanced mentor bonuses
- New attack formula
- Quest tweaks
- Arabic language (a total of 11 languages and counting)
- And much more!

Underworld Football Manager is a free-to-play online mobile football manager game. It uniquely combines traditional soccer management functionality with elements of a City Builder and Mafia to offer a "real life" immersive game experience.
You compete against real life opponents in the league and tournaments and cooperate with friends, sign soccer stars, bid in live player auctions, and develop your city and your team.
You can also attack, bribe and vandalize you opposition to win by corruption.
Quests help you learn the game, progress and earn game currency and achievements.
You get access to more facilities, better items and players as you level up.

For feedback and support use support@underworldfootball.com,
or go to Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/FootballUnderworld/

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