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App description: Jump into the exciting world of Mort's Minions by helping the minions in this lovely combination of side scroller & adventure RPG! Jump, dodge and slash like never before. It's very simple to play with tons of levels and over 40 different minions to encounter.

In Mort's Minions, you are a hero of your people, trying to discover why the minions are attacking your people. Jump, dodge, slash, and cast your way to victory by defeating minions and uncovering clues to their mysterious behavior. Do you have the skills to master the challenge?

We created something unique - there are 5 different worlds to tackle, each with 16 levels!
- Terra (earth)
- Aqua (water)
- Ignis (fire)
- Astra (air)
- Tempus (space)
Different artwork and minions for every world! Perfect for minion fans and those that love simple side scrollers.

Each character has different skills! Play as:
- Jim the Warrior
- May the Archer
- Leonard the Monk
- Gary the Mage
Find your favorite play style with 6 skills per character.

Earn stars by beating levels and use them to improve your character. 36 upgrades per character! Reset your skills to change your strategy anytime!

Each level has multiple challenges to play - see if you can beat them all to show your skill!

Compete to be the top in Mort's Minions leaderboards and track your progress by gaining achievements along the way.

Saves are automatically backed up to iCloud to ensure you don't lose your progress! Game data syncing across multiple devices is also supported!

Game designed and developed by Dan Bellinski at Base11 Studios, Ltd with support and lots of love from friends and family. Support indie development and give it a try!


mortsminions's comments:

Hi all,

I'm an independent developer releasing my first game to the app store, Mort's Minions. I built the entire game myself over the last year and a half - art, sound, code, music, story, etc (but not to forget all the support from friends and family). Support indie development - check it out and share with your friends!


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Base11 Studios, Ltd
09-24-2016, 03:45 PM
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It's out. Start your engines
10-03-2016, 07:48 PM
Great First Week

Thank you everyone who downloaded Mort's Minions in our first week on the app store. Your support was overwhelming with 400 downloads across 13 countries and 26 out of 27 5 star reviews. I'm working on some new content that I know you'll love - stay tuned! If you haven't checked out the game yet you're missing out. Download for a good time.

Official account of the iOS game Mort's Minions, for iPhone and iPad.
11-17-2016, 06:13 PM

Morts Minions 1.1 is Live! This is our biggest update yet - download it now and start playing!

Here are the most significant changes:
- For a limited time, ALL HEROES ARE FREE! Try out Leonard the Monk and Gary the Mage - each one offering a unique play style.
- Stars and skills are easier to get! Fill out your skills and upgrades quicker, getting right into the action.
- Jim's Charge replaced with Hurl Boulder. Youll love it I promise.
- Trade gems for stars on your hero's skills page. Get an edge by using your gems to boost your skills.
- Heart boosts to enhance your gameplay! Who said 3 hearts wasnt enough?
- No more forced ads

Lot of other small improvements and bugs squashed! If you have any issues or want to drop a note, we're here!

Official account of the iOS game Mort's Minions, for iPhone and iPad.
04-04-2017, 08:28 PM
4/27/17 - Mort's Minions 2.0

On 4/27/17, enters the Tempus realm, a world of darkness and fear. Show your courage and fight your way to the King of Tempus, on a quest to free your people. This release brings the storyline to a close with the addition of the 5th world to play. Tempus brings 16 new levels, 15 unique and challenging enemies, and 8 more achievements. All the music in the game has been replaced with tracks from Mike Pettry, and they're awesome! Get excited.

Here's a few teaser screenshots of the new world!

Official account of the iOS game Mort's Minions, for iPhone and iPad.