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App description: Prepare yourself with state-of-the-art military assault weapons and join the battle to save the world in Strike Back: Elite Force, the #1 First Person Shooting experience for mobiles and tablets!

Kill huge flying creatures in the sky, mutated spiders emerging from the ground or deadly robots that can destroy everything in the battle zone.
Or you can become a silent assassin, moving through the darkness, finding the best vantage point and taking that all-important kill shot. Whoever you choose to be, know that danger awaits you in the heart of the battlefield

Strike Back Features:

- The government has decided to raise their warfare capability by sending their soldiers to kill newly discovered creature from Mars. Join the battle by waging a full-frontal assault on the alien army!
- Traverse a lush battlefield with stunning 3D graphics and animation!

- Kill off the undead in the new Zombie Mode, where you battle against hordes of zombies!
- Become slayer of the dead with tons of weapons to shoot down the enemy, like assault rifles, sniper rifles and RPGs.

- Assault Enemy: Basic enemy soldier who uses an assault rifle.
- Machine Gunner: More heavily-armed, with throwing grenades.
- Sniper: Attacks from far away and high above.
- Healer: Utilizes a shotgun for melee attacks, and heals themselves and their partners.
- Drone: Flying robots who freely attack you from above, with machine guns.
- Canons: Automatic machine-gun robots.
- Crab: Bomb-carrying creatures, who are prone to self-destructive attacks.
- Bosses: Leaders of the enemy army! Stop them and save the world.

- Compete for high scores on your own or with an Assault Alliance that fights against opposing Alliances in the battle.
- Recruit new partners after every battle and use them in future missions. Each squad member has a specific skill at each battleground.
- Soldier Hank: a commando who specializes in assault rifles and grenade-throwing skills.
- Soldier Jimmy: a commando who uses machine guns and heals all team members.
- Soldier Lena: a commando who uses a sniper rifle and is an expert at the RPG.

- Equip yourself with weapons and support items retrieved from the battlefield.
- Take to the frontline with sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and secret weapons for kill shots.
- Support yourself with combat items like grenades, RPGs and the medkit.
- Equip a Ghost Gun for expert assassinations and silent kills.

Arm yourself with the best weapons to battle against the enemy invasion. Are you ready to Strike Back?

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10-01-2016, 01:49 AM

First time I thought it was a clone or something. But it is a good game as like Glu FPS games. Everyone must try.