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App description: Try not to go broke.

A stressful clicker laid over a contemplative poetry generator.

Make money, live life, breathe.

A thought experiment, with Game Center leaderboards, and sounds, and words.

randyo's comments:
Hi everyone!

I've been continuing my experiment of making small free games. I just released a game called Welfare State that is sort of a clicker, but also a poetry generator. I wrote over 250 different phrases and thoughts, and the game randomly saves and reveals thoughts as you play.

It's not an obvious game, but I believe it to be interesting. The share button sends the poems out to twitter and I've been pretty excited by what it generates.

It's free, and I think it's worth checking out. Thanks y'all!

-Randy O

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10-07-2016, 09:32 AM
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This is different. I like it. Definitely less of a game and more of an experience, heavier on the poetry than the clicker. And be warned, you WILL run out of money, and quickly. But then you get to read your lovely new poetry, and sometimes it almost makes sense.

Don't take time to read the lines as they appear. Just click click click on the good money choices. You'll eventually get familiar with the patterns of where they appear and how they look in your peripheral vision, so you can madly click without looking, thus "writing" longer poems before going broke.

(Game has profanity. Doesn't bother me. But it might be a nice feature to let users toggle it off, just so they can share their best poems on social media without worrying about conservative Aunt Brenda having a stroke...)
10-07-2016, 09:33 AM
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Couldn't get my favorite poem to upload in last post. Trying again now...?
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10-07-2016, 09:56 AM
Gotta love the name.

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10-17-2016, 05:59 PM
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Thanks so much for trying it out! (Did not even notice that a few of y'all played it.)

And I did not think about toggling the profanity! If I update the game, I'll be sure to add a toggle for that. And I'd probably have that remove a few of the other more unsettling phrases.

It seems like this has spoken to a few people, so I'm glad to hear that. Also, it's now available on the web at http://randyo.itch.io/welfarestate.
10-17-2016, 07:27 PM
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