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Pokemon GO !! Successor - Craftedmon Go: Pocket Block

10-07-2016, 05:08 AM
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Pokemon GO !! Successor - Craftedmon Go: Pocket Block


Disaster happened on planet earth! With Craftedmon animals have escaped and now they roam the streets of the cities in search of food and shelter. They are scared and are afraid to show people in the eye, to find them is only possible with the help of a specially developed application Craftedmon GP: Pocket Block.

This is a game about the search for pets in augmented reality. If you've always wanted to plunge into the wonderful world of augmented reality and to seek cool pets, then this game is definitely for you! Here you will become a master of pets and using pocket ball to catch them all!

Thanks to the built-in radar Craftedmon GP you will be able to track and find camouflaged animals through the camera of your smartphone. Once you find the escaped animals, immediately activate a special egg - CraftedBall by which you can catch him! Bring all pets back to the farm.

- This game uses augmented reality and camera phone/tablet
- Optimized for smartphones and tablet

10-08-2016, 01:23 AM
Why should it be a pixel pets? It would be better if it's in 2D animation instead of having it made on minecraft. Another thing is AR games is not picking up and slowly becoming dead.