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The Absolute Best SHMUPs?

10-08-2016, 07:08 PM
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The Absolute Best SHMUPs?

Here are the ones that I can't get enough of and I've only Played a hand full total .
I need help with finding more
Air attack
Air attack 2
Bullet hell Monday
Phoenix hd
Phoenix 2
Skyforce 2014
Skyforce reloaded

I love upgrades and grinding out currency
10-08-2016, 08:14 PM
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If you like Bullet Hell Monday then check out Ito's other games: .Decluster and .Decluster Zero. Both are really good. The Danmaku Unlimited games are great too. Plus every single CAVE game on the App Store.
10-09-2016, 07:33 AM
Operation Dracula is my favorite. Playing it brings back fond memories of going to the movies with friends and having dozens of 90s-Man goading me into playing his arcade games. Somehow, they even acquired the rights to the 90s arcade game rock song. The atmosphere is flawless.

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10-15-2016, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Jayg2015 View Post
I love upgrades and grinding out currency

How bout an Eyedea on starting a thread on the specifics of this and control options. Again the Dev of Vritra for it'z control options are 4evr Amazing. Shmup/Bullet Heaven-RPG-whowouldathunkit?! i wonder what was the first to have these elements. When genres merge it'z a very 😎 thang especially wit this #1💥🚀💥

Lightning Fighter 2
Alot gears to grind and it seems the content shows in the specials

Heli Hell
Since this came out i have been noticing great change in the areas of your upgraded arsenal and sound efx

Battle 3D:2 Iron Punch
It'z a 💥🚀💥BATTEL💥🚀💥symphony in the sky.
the soundtrack... !!!!!!! yes indeedy

Mech Shooter 3D
Time and time again i keep telling myself im' going to get to 1000😂

Astro Boy
It starts off slow then gets insane to the point when you get in a relative control zen like state

Grow Shooter [it'z gone out the AppStore]
To be able to level up your posse and see the difference in clearing pathways 4rm increasing your mana to have more powerful shots. Also to change your enemies drop rate iz something not cleary explained. After i noticed the shield would not last long on any upgrade tho it seemed to double the bullets turned into rupees and more experience

Toon Shooters
Funtaztic grind and charcters

Venom Blast
Tell me you don't find those options on specials cool let alone the Boss fights

Gun Spirits EV
I recently seen some dream art for a Bayonetta Shmup/Bullet Heaven
I figure these options to be this free & to sell back
unwanted items iz a plus for her, if it could one day be a reality to have that on our iDevices

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