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  • Publisher: Ho Yuen Chan
  • Genre: Trivia
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 80.9 MB
  • Version: 1.3.3
  • Price: $4.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: Rotation Phonology: Break is a simple RPG game, telling a story about overturn the governments wrong decision.

Heroes receive a request from another dimension, someone in a world called Break Kingdom asking for help. The quest is simple, helps those citizens to overthrow the draconian laws. It is simple for anyone, right? Anyway our heroes begin the journey to solve the issues for goodwill.

Story divided in stage and section, the team walk through map to reach the destination.
During In the map, choose the path with advantage, collect resources, raise status bonus and fight with who standing in front of the way, those evil force.

As evil stands on the way, heroes have no choice but fight.
Enemies stand in the battlefield and they are numerous, but our heroes are full of experience, three is enough. Control 3 members in the battle to overcome all challenge, which are
*Attacker: Stand in front of the battlefield to fight the enemies directly.
*Defense line: A leader with a group of helpers hold the defense line for continuous fight.
*Supporter: Stand in the back and casting spell for battle advantages.

After each section, power up the team from the resources collected from map, and be prepared well for next adventure. You can use the collection as:
*Level up heroes.
*Power up collections and bring to the battle for status boost.
*Adjust members attribute, take advantage status in combat.
*Raise skills level and train up with additional strength.

Prepared well, go to the destination, find out the root of the trouble, and finish the quest in heroic way.

ctwater's comments:

Action RPG, or defense type battle, Language as EN/JP/CN
10-12-2016, 07:16 PM
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Best description ever

10-12-2016, 10:48 PM
This looks utterly insane. What is going on?
10-12-2016, 10:55 PM
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Did anyone read the description . Epic
10-12-2016, 11:20 PM
Buy this now. Much quality and passion derived from play.


Coordinator @ Fat Thunder
10-13-2016, 06:07 AM
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Someone is channeling Doge... Much wow and superb English!

Oh yes - I have no idea what is going on either - even after watching the trailer!
10-13-2016, 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by yorrick View Post
Someone is channeling Doge... Much wow and superb English!

Oh yes - I have no idea what is going on either - even after watching the trailer!
This game has a lot going on in battles and the story is crazy. But it's kind of fun.

One character is tap / swipe to attack, one is lane based, and one is like a slingshot. In fights you have to do all 3.

Coordinator @ Fat Thunder
10-13-2016, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Zendorphin View Post
Best description ever
Came here to say the same. Tempted to buy it just for that.