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Space shmup Xenoraid by 10tons coming up in December

10-20-2016, 04:15 AM
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Space shmup Xenoraid by 10tons coming up in January

What's up, astronauts? (that's a trick question, there's no "up" in space)

We're happy to announce we're looking at releasing our very fresh vertically scrolling shoot'em up Xenoraid for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad, AppleTV remains to be seen) in December 2016. We released the game on Steam in September, and the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be out in November.

It's a pretty cool game!

Xenoraid was born out of yearning for a good, "old fashioned" vertically scrolling space shooter that is NOT an insane bullet hell game for cyborgs. In fact, we went as far in our design goal of mitigating level memorization and insane bullet pattern dodging skillz requirements that we're driving the missions procedurally and the enemies act fully dynamically on AI. It's not an any kind of a roguelite or anything like that, as it's a fully linear mission based campaign + endless survivals, but the point is that you don't need to memorize the levels because you can't.

The other main highlight of the game is the laserlike focus on shooting. Like, Xenoraid is all about shooting, because it's a shoot'em up. This manifests itself in a couple of ways. Firstly, aiming is a big part of shooting, so we made the bold decision to make the player's starfighters tilt slightly left and right when moving sideways. So you can shoot somewhat diagonally, but you also need to have a bit of pilot's grasp of where your fighter's nose is pointing, as that's where your main weapon bullets will go. What's more, you can't spray and pray without a care in the world, as the main weapons will overheat and lock up eventually. So what you'll be doing is lining up shots, squeezing out somewhat controlled bursts, and hopefully getting sweet "Nailed that one!" feelings when you see your bullets hit home.

There's also a quite cool feature where your "lives" are actually your squadron of four fighters, and you can switch between them during missions at any time. You can do useful stuff with fighter switching, such as preventing a damaged fighter from getting destroyed, bringing in another fighter with cool guns, bringing in another fighter with shots left in the secondary heavy weapon to take out some big enemies, and "dodge rolling" out of a hairy situation (both incoming and outgoing fighters are briefly immune to damage).

The fighter switching ties into the metagame too, as the metagame is about managing your squadron with upgrades and repairs. You don't want to end up using a lot of credits replacing lost fighters!

Here be the trailer (don't mind the co-op bit. It's for PC and consoles only).

The iOS and Android beta opportunity signup is at http://xenoraid.com/ (scroll all the way down). Please note that we won't be able to invite everyone to the beta, but we will invite dozens of people.

10tons.com Facebook Latest release: JYDGE

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10-24-2016, 05:49 AM
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Beta signup now active

The iOS and Android beta signup is now active at http://xenoraid.com/ Scroll all the way down.

10tons.com Facebook Latest release: JYDGE

10-24-2016, 09:08 PM
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signed up. this game looks kick ass
10-24-2016, 09:17 PM
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I've gotten to see some videos and a few of my friends play it, and it looks like a fun game. Good luck with the testing, hope the game comes to iOS soon I've always had a thing for procedurally generated maps in games. Signed up for the beta
10-24-2016, 09:38 PM
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Wow. This looks awesome! Will there be controller support on either iOS or Android?
10-24-2016, 11:57 PM
I was looking for an awesome space shooter for a while now and it looks like this is it. Signed up.
10-24-2016, 11:58 PM
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Signed up as well. Jaakko, I would love to play the mobile beta no matter the platform.
10-25-2016, 01:11 AM
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Yes, we'll do controller support for both iOS and Android. Which actually reminds us about those non-analog stick MFi controllers, will need to look into those too.

10tons.com Facebook Latest release: JYDGE
10-25-2016, 06:17 AM
Signed up, hope to play soon for testing that great game))
10-25-2016, 04:14 PM
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This looks amaze-balls! Beta sign-up signed!!