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[CA] Ridge Racer Draw And Drift (by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe)

10-21-2016, 08:44 AM
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[CA] Ridge Racer Draw And Drift (by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe)

RIDGE RACER is back with RIDGE RACER™ Draw & Drift, instant multiplayer drift racing fun on the go!

Use your finger to trace your car’s path around the track, blast off the grid, then tap at the right time for massive drifts.

Hit your perfect racing line, max out the drifts, and power past the chequered flag while your online opponents cough in your dust!

Simple draw and tap gameplay lets everyone in on the fun, with all the mighty drifts, pounding music, and luxurious graphics you expect from a RIDGE RACER game.

Win first, second, or third podium places to earn chests of coins and cards, then upgrade your ride and tear through even more of the competition.

Master the draw and drift technique and your car upgrades to climb the leaderboards and show your worth against the best of the best worldwide!

- 16 BEAUTIFUL CARS to unlock and race, each with their own Power, Handling, and Nitro abilities.

- 6 ACTION-PACKED TRACKS to discover as you test your abilities through the heart of the city.

- MULTIPLAYER RACING against four real opponents in online play with intelligent matchmaking.

- COLLECT CARDS AND COINS by claiming a first, second, or third podium position, and use them to power up your ride.

- UPGRADE YOUR CARS by tactically combining cards for the winning combination of Power, Handling, and Nitro. Spend coins to upgrade cards for an even sharper race edge.

- CLIMB THE LEADERBOARDS through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leagues all the way to the Legend League where the world’s greatest racers compete for ultimate victory!

- RIDGE RACER race queen Reiko Nagase is waiting for you at the start line… Are you ready to race?

Supported Devices:
  • iPhone-3GS
  • iPhone4
  • iPodTouchFourthGen
  • iPad2Wifi
  • iPad23G
  • iPhone4S
  • iPadThirdGen
  • iPadThirdGen4G
  • iPhone5
  • iPodTouchFifthGen
  • iPadFourthGen
  • iPadFourthGen4G
  • iPadMini
  • iPadMini4G
  • iPhone5c
  • iPhone5s
  • iPhone6
  • iPhone6Plus
  • iPodTouchSixthGen

Minimum iOS Version: iOS 6.0

Download Size: 689MB

10-21-2016, 08:55 AM
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This looks like fun, a mix of Draw Racer and a drift racer.

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10-21-2016, 10:17 AM
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What have they done to you, Ridge Racer?
10-21-2016, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by db2 View Post
What have they done to you, Ridge Racer?
And tomorrow's Touch Arcade headlines...

"Drawrace Drift & Race, the next game in the legendary series, has soft launched onto the App Store

Well, this was unexpected. Out of absolutely nowhere, a new Drawrace game for mobile, titled Drawrace Drift & Race, has soft launched onto the App Stores of Canada, Australia..."
10-21-2016, 06:57 PM
I downloaded it. It's fun. There are dual currencies, with crates to open that have cards that you can pay to upgrade. The crates cost orbs to open faster. The usual stuff but not too bad. It appears to be multiplayer only, which means online only. Still, the graphics are good and the line drawing mechanic is a newish twist. Definitely worth checking out.

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10-21-2016, 07:17 PM
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Oh sweet! Collectable cards! I can't wait to open up an infinite amount of RNG crates for stat manipulating cards that should have eff all to do with racing. If it's free to play, PUT IN CARDS! Cards and rng booster packs for all new freemiums of all types!
10-21-2016, 09:41 PM
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First Impressions

I've always loved Ridge Racer, so I leaped into this one eagerly. I've only got a few hours under my belt, so these are just early impressions (and opinions!).

The Good:
It's Fun! It is not really a racing game (so if you go into this expecting a true RR game you might be very disappointed), but rather two mini games on top of each other. Thankfully, each mini game is fairly fun (at least so far), though I'm not sure how quickly boredom will settle in.

The Bad:
1. Ca$h Royale freemium system - My most hated freemium system that punishes you for playing. You have your standard four crate slots. You get one after each match (each race last around 1-4 minutes, so far), you can only open one at a time, and the chests have ranged, so far, from 5m to 3h to unlock (but, come on, you know we'll get 12h or more chests). I will never spend any money on a game with this system.

2. It is simultaneously ALL multiplayer and NO multiplayer:
a) there is no campaign. Each match you will have to wait until the servers match you up with people close to or exactly on your rating. You also, of course, must always be connected to the internet.

b) however, you're never really playing against other people! You are just playing against their ghost cars (their stats and cards). You'll notice this when, after some time, you'll get some money (a pittance) for matches your ghost car has raced. You can also take all the time in the world to "draw your line". There is no timer. And the match will always start as soon as you are finished. You can spend 20 minutes drawing your line, or 5 seconds, and the other racers will always be ready for you. It diminishes the appeal of the race. Either you have better stats (and draw a better line and tap more accurately) than the other cars, or you will lose. There is never any thrill of performing better than your stats or catching up with another racer because they made a mistake (they never make mistakes).

3. Obnoxious ads and notifications - Even with the Clash Royale money grubbing system, there are still tons of ads to watch. Also, each time you open a crate (which starts its opening countdown), it asks you to turn notifications on. This dialog box only has a big OK for you to click on, unless you notice the VERY SMALL "x" you can also use to not have it turn your notifications on.

The ugly: The game has some nice RR-style music tracks, but it is interrupted every 2-4 seconds (literally) for Reiko saying one of her many quips each time you enter a green drift zone. Changing the sound effects volume does not affect her volume (only the car sounds), so I just wound up muting the entire affair.

Edit: Got my first Big Crate that takes 8h to open.

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10-25-2016, 12:54 PM
OK, after a couple of days playing, this game is not for everyone. A lot of you will hate it. It is pay to win for sure and once you have 4 crates waiting for their timers to open, there is no point in playing anymore for the day. You could actually open it up once in the morning, race once and then once in the evening, race once and be done for the day. Like I said, you will probably hate it.

However, if you are like me and you have a job or are busy during the day, this is not so bad. Just play a little bit here and there. The actual mechanic of the game is pretty fun, but not too challenging. Around level 3 you start losing so you need to upgrade your cards, which is pretty simple to do if you log in from time to time. The crates are very generous with coins and cards. Right now I have a rare crate that takes 12 hours to open and it claims I will be getting 84 card when I open it (I can't imagine this to be true.) Yeah you are racing ghosts, but that is ok. If you miss on boost zone by tapping too early, you will probably lose. The new car purchases cost an insane amount of coins so you pretty much will need to buy those if you want a better car.

All in all, it's a decent game to play for 5 mins a day.

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