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App description: High school is over and life has just begun for our hero Joe. Destined for greatness, Joe sets off to fulfill all his life's goals and dreams in the real life simulation game Joe Vs. The Joneses. As Joe sets off to continue his post high school education and start a career along come the Joneses! "Don't compete with the Joneses!" Mom warns. In one ear and out the other. Not only must Joe complete the goals you set for him at the beginning of each game, he must do so before the Joneses do. Oh the pressure! It is a race to the finish line for goals in happiness, wealth, education, success and the American dream and you are in control.

In turn based game play you will guide Joe through all the decisions he faces each day. You will visit the Employment Office and acquire a job, find a place to eat, buy clothes and goods, attend courses at the University to obtain that ever so necessary degree, and much more. The Joneses can be controlled by the game (artificial intelligence) or by a friend with support for local one or two player game play modes. With an infinite number of decisions affecting the outcome each new game presents you with a fresh new experience.

Complex simulation allows for a realistic experience while perusing Joe's goals. There are dozens of different jobs available from a dozen different employers. Some jobs require basic experience, some jobs require specific experience, and some jobs require a degree. You will have the option to pursue careers in Business Management, Accounting, Aircraft Piloting, Mechanics, Engineering, Medicine, and more!

Random events contribute to excitement as you start each turn. Did Joe misbehave again and waste some of his hard earned cash? Did he do something good for stranger and receive an award? Maybe he forgot to eat, got sick, and went to the hospital! Each turn presents you with new surprises!

In addition to the challenge of beating the Joneses to the goals you set (in two different skill levels - Normal and Hard) game play is extended with the addition of dozens of exciting achievements utilizing OpenFeint. You can join OpenFeint for free or use your existing OpenFeint account to link Joe Vs. The Joneses to your other OpenFient games. You can even share you achievements with your friends by posting them to Twitter and Facebook!
10-16-2009, 10:05 PM
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Does anybody remember the old PC game called Jones in the Fast Lane? Sounds similar.
10-16-2009, 10:37 PM
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I thought the same thing