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App description: Oh no! The Hipocritics gang have invaded the Shade Forest! It's up to Drag-Queen Superstar Amanda Sparks to put a halt in those evil-doers plan! Jump, slide and save the poor creatures of the Shade Forest with the power of your Diva Lipstick Kiss! If you're out of kisses you can slap some sense into them!

Inspired by classic games from the 90's, but this time, you get to be a Drag Queen!


-Extensive gameplay, can you play long enough to reach the final boss?
-Intuitive "no thumb in character" touch control!
-Randomly generated levels, you never know what you might run into!
-Creatures that evolve while you progress!
-Collect Mony! (no, that's not a typo)
-Save Gogo Boys and DRAG queens!
-Upgrade Amanda!
-Items and Powerups to make Amanda invincible!
-5 Challenging Bosses and Sub-bosses!
-Exclusive BOSSslap mode!
-Thophy and Collection room!
-Original soundtrack by Positronic!
10-26-2016, 11:24 AM
Joined: Jul 2015
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Oh my goodness I love this! I have a 6 yr old son who loves everything cute fluffy and beautiful who will really love this to I purchased the full version right after the tutorial
10-26-2016, 11:34 AM
Joined: Oct 2016
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haha, thank you! Hope he enjoys it!