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App description: Collect amazing fishes and build an amazing
my aquarium.

Game Introduction

Shall I buy a fish more? Shall I upgrade a feed?
or shall I upgrade a laser gun?
A strategy depends on select!

Touch it! Touch it! Monster comes!
Touch a monster to puch out! for fish's safety!

High attraction new type of feeding fish!

Game Features

* How to operate
Gather a gold through a fish produces
and open a treasure box!
Sometimes wise chosen that purchases more fish rather
than gather a gold!

* Synergy between fish and pet
Characterful abilities with fish and pet!
Attack to monster with high efficient combination?
or high weathly combination?
Totally different play type that depends on strategy!

* Various monster tactic
Duel with various boss monster!
A monster that vanishes in hard shell!
A monster that duplicates an avatar!
Select a proper pet to emasculate monster's abilities!

* Rare relics
A relic makes more excited game!
A relic attacks a monster!
A relic consistently drops a gold from sky!
Collect about two hundred kinds relic!

* Various contents
Compete with world-wide player in hardcore challenge mode!
Pirate's ship raid with friends!
Collect a various fishes, pets and relics
Extremely excited closed updates!

Let's go to adventure for decorating own insane aquarium!!
10-28-2016, 08:56 PM
Feeding frenzy all the way miss the original so this will do instead thank you anyway
10-28-2016, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by t3chnoboy View Post
Feeding frenzy all the way miss the original so this will do instead thank you anyway
Is this like Feeding Frenzy? No clue. Man, I hate these terrible Engrish transrations! They don't even bother to get someone to take care of that for them! Sad.... oh well, it's more money they're not gonna get because of that. 🙄