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App description: A refreshing game for exciting adventures!
Blam! Blam! Blast your enemies away!
Are you ready to explore the northern seas of Europe in the Age of Sail?
Are you ready to become a captain of the ships?
Then start now!

Engage in fleet battles with various cute ships!
Its easy to learn!
Collect various items and upgrade your ships.
Your foes will cower beneath your feet!
Become a trader, develop port cities and get rich!
You will be the envy of everyone!
If youre bored with sailing, you can always try fishing.
Its a fun way to gain incredible items!

Start now!
Set your sails and head out to the sea!

Monthly subscription Gems are given at noon every day, and can be received from the Daily Quest (left side of the screen) menu.
This game is optimized for iPhone 5S (4S or higher recommended). If you experience bugs or other problems, please let us know by reporting to the official cafe site for quick solutions.

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Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Age-Of-Armada-209313996171546/

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its my style!! good game!

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Looks good. Cant wait to play!
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Age Of Armada ( By Hyeok Ko )

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App description:

Age Of Armada is a mobile 3D sailing RPG game.
* As the sea is the main stage, you can directly control your ships.
* Ships can equip gear to become stronger.
* Gear can become more powerful with upgrades.
* You can amass wealth via trading with ports.
* Invest in ports to build better ships and purchase more trade goods and items.
* Sign mercenary contracts to defeat enemies and receive rewards.
* You can upgrade your ship and gain better items while enjoying RPG set in the Age of Sail.
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appstore : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1166215464

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Awesome app