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  • Publisher: Kenny Sun
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 55.4 MB
  • Version: 3.9.27
  • Price: $2.99
  • Average User Rating: 5 (1)
App description: "Triangle ... Triangle ... Triangle"
5/5 - Touch Arcade

YANKAI'S TRIANGLE is a love letter to TRIANGLES. A puzzling puzzle game about the beauty and joy of infinitely tapping on TRIANGLES for some reason.

With an elegant innovative revolutionary TRIANGLE-first approach to interface, YANKAI'S TRIANGLE lets you tap on TRIANGLES to spin them and stuff. Colors play a part in gameplay too I think. Bring TRIANGLES to a forgotten TRIANGLE, and uncover a TRIANGLE hidden deep beneath the YANKAI.

Pretty Fun Gameplay (it's all right)
No Filler - A Veritable Infinity of Meticulously Definitely Handcrafted TRIANGLES
Over 1.74 x 10^26 Possible Levels (all definitely handcrafted)
An Inscrutable Three-Pronged Scoring System
A 'Happy Sounds' Option (woohoo!)
A 'Colorblind' Option if You Are Colorblind (it's not great tbh)
A Cool Film Grain Effect (some people don't like it but i think it's cool)
A Cool Tiled TRIANGLE Background Effect
Also there are Leaderboards
And some Achievements

A Game By Kenny Sun

(YAN rhymes with KEN and KAI rhymes with EYE by the way)
11-05-2016, 01:41 AM
What an odd game. It's certainly not very difficult so far, but the mechanic has a few interesting variations upon the usual edge matching games.
I'm waiting for something special to happen, though. If it just keeps going the way it's going I can see this not holding my interest for very long. Im hoping there's a sort of twist.

I still am not sure what the configurations of triangles and half triangles that show up before each level mean.

11-05-2016, 04:34 AM
Ohhhhhkayyyy while I haven't encountered any big twist, there are a lot of new mechanics being introduced. In conjunction these mechanics could make some really tricky puzzles.
It's definitely upping up the difficulty factor. Stick with this game for about 70-80 puzzles and things will start to get very interesting.

It's from the Circa Infinity dev so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed!
11-06-2016, 07:14 PM
I just discovered this one, and am very glad I did. I find it fascinating. There's something hypnotically soothing about fiddling with the triangles until they pop into place. It's very pleasant to look at, too, which always gets big points from me.
11-06-2016, 09:40 PM
Really enjoying this one. The progression seems a little uneven, but there's something really satisfying about clicking those triangles into place. Love the music and sound effects! Just hit level 44 and looks like I have to put more thought into it, pay more attention to the outer triangles before I start messing with the inner ones.

I wasn't sure about the timer at first, but seems like the leaderboard actually rewards you for finishing in *more* time, not less? Odd, but st least that means I can ignore it. :P

11-07-2016, 02:24 AM
I'm very addicted, almost at 200 levels solved. I think the way the levels are formatted is that they sort of reach 'climaxes', huge levels that might contain several mechanics that you've seen so far in conjunction, then return to easier levels and start growing in size and complexity.

It really draws you in to keep solving just another level. Love love love this game now, no question about it. While it does seem to be an endless game with elements of random generation (which I usually dislike) it still seems to have a sense of progression even 200 levels in. There's still a few mechanics that I've seen in 'tutorial' levels but haven't encountered in big tricky levels yet, looking forward to seeing them as part of bigger puzzles.
11-07-2016, 07:45 AM
I can't stop playing. If there's an infinite number of levels, I'm in trouble.

And omg the soundtrack. The creepy "tick tock tick tock." So good!

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11-07-2016, 07:55 AM
Ahaha I feel the exact same way. I just unlocked the 243 levels completed achievement and am still going strong. I got my first bigger level with the hollow triangle mechanic and that one is super tricky, I hope it starts popping up a bit more!!

So far the mechanics I've seen are symbolised by the following:
- A black triangle in the middle of a triangle
- A black square in the middle of a triangle
- A triangle with sides full with coloured sections
- Hollow colours on the triangles
- A short fat triangle linked with other triangles (if you've seen it you'll know what I'm talking about)
- Various 'distraction' mechanics such as rotating screen, pulsating triangles, colour changes, eyes and teeth sprouting on triangles.

Has anyone seen any others? I think I remember seeing a kind of black hourglass symbol in one of the steam screenshots so I'd love to know if anyone's encountered any other mechanics. Especially since some of them are very rare (I encountered hollow triangles only twice so far, once in a very small puzzle, and once in a large very tricky puzzle).
11-07-2016, 08:14 AM
I just saw the hollow triangles but they weren't in any position yet to see what they do. Hopefully I'll get more with them soon. I'm pretty far behind you!

lol I just got one where the triangles rotated counter-clockwise and it felt so weird.
11-07-2016, 08:27 AM
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I played this morning before work. Very interesting and addictive. I only played several puzzle but can't appear to find a level select screen so I can keep track.

A lot of positive bias on my part- huge Circa Affinity and Infinity fan.