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App description: You are the Warlord! Play the premier multiplayer combat experience that reinvents MOBA gaming.

Using your own team of hand-picked Heroes, defeat your opponent using strategies you devise to collect Orbs and transform your team into an unbeatable force! Every game is vastly different due to the unique abilities of each Hero.

Warlord Strike has NO TOWERS, NO LANES and NO MINIONS. Warlord Strike merges fast action and multi-unit tactics with RPG character enhancing elements.

- Play with friends, against AI or automatch for PvP action!
- You control your entire team of 2 to 5 Heroes
- New game mechanics! NO TOWERS, NO LANES and NO MINIONS!
- Practice against AI opponents from Easy to Insane
- Ever-growing roster of Heroes to unlock and master
- Fight to the win Power Orbs for an unstoppable team
- Optimized for iPhone and iPad

Warlord_John's comments:
Hello Everyone,

My name is John and I am one of the developers from Blind Mice Games, and I am excited to announce that our game Warlord Strike has released today!!

In Warlord Strike there are No teammates, no towers, no minions! Warlord Strike fuses elements of popular MOBA games and real-time tactics to create a unique blend of action. Rather than sharing command of a group of combat units, each player wields total control over an army of supernatural heroes able to tap into powerful abilities and enhancements in a real-time battle for supremacy.

Website: warlordstrike.com

Trailer below!

Youtube link | Pop Up

You are the Warlord:
Assemble an elite team of Heroes completely under your control—no teammates interfering and foiling your well-laid plans

To the victor go the spoils:
Defeat players online to earn Battle Points that you use to explore a deep Skill Tree and enhance your team

Strategy and speed:
Leap into action by combining each Hero's abilities to coordinate advanced strategies and score early kills, or make a break for Power Orbs to upgrade your Heroes and dominate the battlefield

Free to Play:
Play for free and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

11-18-2016, 08:39 PM
Hey All,

Just a quick update that Day 1 for us was pretty intense! We are already working on our first update that we are jazzed to be presenting soon! Thanks to TouchArcade for the article and the Mobcrush vid! Very awesome!

That said, please feel to bring up any Questions/Comments/Concerns you may have. Let us have it!


Fyi.. I realize I used WAYY too many exclamation points.. we are just very excited