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[Old Soft launch thread] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (by Konami)

11-17-2016, 11:24 PM
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[Old Soft launch thread] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (by Konami)

[old soft launch thread]

The game was soft launched in Japan about 2 weeks ago and should go global shortly hopefully...

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11-17-2016, 11:48 PM
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The game comes in English and Japanese with characters fully voiced in English. If you used to play the old GBA card games or the actual card game, you'll be disappointed to know that it's not the same card game that you have played. Then again it's not to say that it's no longer fun, it's just not the same game. Let me highlight some key differences
1. Deck size is now 20-30
You can still only add 3 of the same card and there is a section for forbidden and limited cards but currently there's none
2. Life points starts at 4000 instead of 8000
3. You start with 4 cards and you don't draw in your first turn if you go first

A lot may have changed since I played so maybe these are the norms and I haven't been touched Yu gi oh for a long while.
To highlight what's actually in the game

1. Pretty graphics
You get nice animation for certain rare cards when you summon them like blue eyes, dark magician etc, the interface is also nice, certain places are 3D, for example to go to PVP you would see a 3D stadium that you can access, a 3D model of a card shop etc.

2. Familiar characters
If you are old school like me you'll be happy to find the old school class of characters before GX like Seto Kaiba, Joey, Tea etc and you can actually play as them, and each will have special abilities that you can activate, so far I have seen abilities that creates a field card, maybe other abilities will be helping you to draw high level monsters(speculating, haven't seen yet) so you can really call on the "heart of the cards to guide you"

3. Gameplay
A. Duel world duels or standard duels
You will find Random AI characters in the so called "duel world". you will find 5 usually and it acts as your stamina bar, they will disappear after you beat them and reappear after sometime.
When you win, a score will be calculated based on things like flawless victory, monsters killed, special summons etc and reward you with cards or other currencies like gems, gate keys etc.

B. Legendary duelists
These are your familiar characters in the duel monsters series and just by following the quests in the "stages"(player progress), you'll get to face off against more of them, unlocked by getting gate keys from completing quests, login bonuses, crafted from the card trader or found by clicking on "!" In the "duel world". They have different color gate keys and you need the specific ones to unlock the characters. These characters will have different player levels and higher levels require more keys to unlock and give better rewards.
Completing their specific quests will unlock the ability to use that character and their decks.(very standard weak decks)
Each character have their own individual level that is independent from the "stage" you are in and by playing as those characters you unlock new abilities, gems, deck slots, gate keys and cards as rewards.

C. Duel school and vagabond duelist
Duel school features dueling puzzles, which is like the old dueling puzzles where you are given a set of cards and you need to win in the same turn, the beginning ones are really just tutorials to help you get familiarized with the game, don't know if they will add more to it.
There's also a "loaner deck" where you play using a preset deck.
Vagabond duels is another character that randomly appears depending on how many friends you have added to your friends list and you need to fulfill certain conditions when you play against him, like using only a particular type of monsters etc.

D. PvP
There are ranked duels, casual duels and you play against your friends as well. A nice feature they have added is you can see replays of other people's duels, like a flawless victory duel, 1 turn win, or a very tight match, though many of the 1 turn win I have seen so far are people surrendering in their first turn...lol

4. Monetization
So there are a few different currencies in the game but you don't actually pay for any of them. If you spend money you will be buying packs or deck slots or orbs to play against computer opponents more frequently

A. Gems
Used to buy packs.
Gained by bonuses and quests

B. Gate keys
Unlock legendary duelists/ anime characters to play as and play against
Gained by bonuses and quests

C. Coins
Used to trade in for specific cards at the card trader,
Obtained from bonuses and quests

D. Attribute orbs
Apart from coins some cards will need attribute orbs to actually craft them
Obtained from bonuses and quests

For card packs, currently they only have 1 type. They treat it as if you are buying a real box of cards in real life where a box will always contain all the rares, super rares and if you buy all 200 of them you are guaranteed to get at least 1 of the cards. You can always reset a box when you have bought out all the rares in that box to get new rares.
Currently they cost 50 gems a pack or 1USD and if you purchased in bulk you would also get free gems as a bonus.with max paying for 30USD nets you 30 packs and 300 gems extra

5. Final thoughts on the game
The game is made much shorter with less cards and life points, clearly targeting the shorter play style of mobile games but this also takes away a lot of depth the game used to have.
Currently not a lot of cards are in the game, but more will be added presumably.
If you are hoping to make an OP deck, then you'd be disappointed to know that the strongest 4 star normal pet is "Axe Raider" at only 1700 attack and they are considered "ultra rare" in the game currently.
The graphics and voiced characters givess a nice touch for those who would be nostalgic of the old anime series but for actual card game veterans they would be disappointed to know that the game is not nearly as good as the original GBA/nds series. Although I must say it got me really excited at first and the graphics and interface are what I had hoped for back in the day, will I continue playing? Yes, maybe for a little longer, but will I play for a very long time? That I am not so sure....

11-18-2016, 01:09 AM
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Is it online only? And is it iPad only?

Thanks for the extensive impressions btw.

Edit, it's in oz store and is universal. will download later

Edit 2: is online only. Not cool. I just want something reminiscent of the GBA era that I buy and is mine to keep. Is that too much to ask for?

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11-18-2016, 01:42 AM
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I miss Yugioh Bam. I know some people didn't like it but it was really fun for simple, quick play. Unfortunately even with the ipa you can't download the files it needs to start (so it's pretty much dead).

This still looks good but I do wonder if it has offline play. That was the biggest plus for me on Yugioh Bam.

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11-18-2016, 05:03 AM
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Apparently this has been out since 27 October! Not only that, it's got 196 reviews in the oz store alone! What on earth!? The mind boggles on this IP's fanbase.
11-18-2016, 09:30 AM
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Picked this one up in Japan App Store today
Rock on
11-18-2016, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Talbs View Post
Is it online only? And is it iPad only?

Thanks for the extensive impressions btw.

Edit, it's in oz store and is universal. will download later

Edit 2: is online only. Not cool. I just want something reminiscent of the GBA era that I buy and is mine to keep. Is that too much to ask for?
So true! I almost had the thought of downloading GBA emulator on my PC just to play to old series... I am holding on to all the gems I can get so I don't have to spend a dime later when the card packs with more impressive line up of cards are released
11-18-2016, 10:42 AM
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Well I guess we can just stick to real cards :\ At least once you buy those they're yours forever.

Buy any packs in here, they're only yours when you have an Internet connection and once the servers die - goodbye to your cards.

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11-26-2016, 11:04 AM
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I've been playing now on and off (mostly off) for the past week just to give this a decent chance and see how it unfolds. I agree and support oskieTA's brief above.

What I've found is, sigh, it's an online f2p tcg really. While there is Ai only play, the AI so far is severely lacking and I don't have the urge to play on to see if it gets better. It's not so much that it's lacking intelligence, it's that the tools that the devs have given the AI (the decks), are severely underpowered even at like 2 hours into the game for me. So actually I don't know if there's well written AI here because I can't get to a point of testing it. The AI is dropping 800 attack cards when my minimum is 1200. I'm up to "stage 7" whatever that means and playing the AI is just a bore and all over by turn 4 to 6.

Also, in order to progress in the "campaign" you have to progress in stages which are done in groups of arbitrary "missions". What's the worst is that some stages require you to win "x" online duels. So now instead of playing a f20 style campaign, you're sent online to play against OP decks.

Which brings me to online. Of course, online Pvp is just a "who's got the biggest monster" fest. Who's got the monsters with 1700 attack (because they're the largest 4 drop at this stage). So whoever has those, beats all other monsters basically and wins. With that, and with the limit of 4000 life points, the game just seems to be designed towards a "flip out ya monsters boys and get it done quick" vibe.

The effects and flashes and twinkles are a bit much for me, I would've preferred simple and solid. I really would have liked a standalone one off purchase and play against decent AI in a proper campaign kind of a game, but alas this is not it. Nevertheless it is something for the yugioh kids to get into, and I can see it's probably just what some people (I suspect kids), are happy with, as yes its yugioh, yes you collect cards, yes it's flashy, yes you can flop out blue eyes white dragon, yes the yugioh characters are in, yes there's a form of trading, yes there's "missions" to keep you going. But it's every bit f2p that one would expect.
11-26-2016, 01:12 PM
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Downloaded on SG AppStore. The game is good but the AI doesn't Knowles hop to play. It's too easy