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Galaxy - Sci Fi RPG Ideas

10-18-2009, 06:46 AM
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Galaxy - Sci Fi RPG Ideas

Im going to focus first on the gameplay.....

-the gameplay is a mix of a traditional RPG world with some platforming, some puzzles, real time RTS like turn based combat and ship to ship combat

-The RPG world is traditional in that it has towns/cities world maps the works like any FF series RPG across multiple planets from multiple different solar systems within the milky way galaxy in this game technology hasn't progressed to make galaxy to galaxy travel practical yet

-The platforming will be specific to story events i.e fleeing from enemies on foot or in vehicles will be short and sweet just to change up the pace a bit

-The puzzles will be numerous everything from fixing gadgets to creating new gadgets hacking terminals or hot wiring space ships or otherwise interacting with objects will have some sort of mini game puzzle associated with it

-turn based/real time combat this will make up the bulk of gameplay its sort of like a mix between a RTS system focused specifically on combat and turn based combat played out in real time but each character is limited in some way with a gauge or something. anyways its a realistic sci fi concept not fantasy so obviously everyone will have projectile weapons of some kind no melee weapons and no magic but lots and LOTS of gadgets like shields tools deployable drones ect and lots of stuff to interact with in on the field but like i said no magic and not much melee other then the occasional scuffle in close quarters when your character and the enemy are like right on top of each other they will duke it out hand to hand or use knives or their weapon as a bat or something

it will be top down kinda sorta with unique variations each time sometimes your on the bottom and the enemies on the top or your on the left/right or in the middle if your surrounded but the battle fields will be designed with an RTS style with cover and objects to interact with and you can move freely anytime you want from cover to cover with no limit although doing so might get you killed if you dont time it right. cover areas are like tiles on a RTS or FFtactics type field except more realistic since you will start out in cover by default and you can only move from cover to cover or from cover to an enemy or object but you cant move from cover to some wide open space and just stand out in the open like an idiot however some cover will break away after a awhile and if you dont command your character to move he/she will stand their getting shot until you tell them to move or until they get killed. the commands also have range you need to be at a certain distance to execute certain commands

when you issue commands you dont have to re issue them every time the turn resets or the limit is up that is some actions will have limits ie reloading times or charge times whatever after the time is up the character will continue to do what you commanded them to do automatically until you tell them otherwise

you can issue commands in real time and go from one command to another with no limit or time the only limits is like i said above the time it takes for your character to reload of for the gadget to charge/deploy or the time it takes to do first aid ect thats the only time limit and thats sort of what makes this a turn based RPG

since its realistic damage will vary depending on cover, active or inactive status and line of sight as well as character status levels armor and shields

cover if the cover is say a table your character flips over you will still take some minor damage even if your in cover but if your character is behind a wall or a really solid object your character will not take any damage at all when in-active behind cover so damage varies depending on what you take cover behind

active and inactive if your character is inactive and just chillin then the chances of you taking damage are considerably less then if your character is actively popping up or leaning out to shoot someone or something

and last but not least line of sight comes into play if your flanked and the enemy has a clear line of sight you will obviously take more damage when they shoot at you since your cover is kinda pointless and your wide open to that enemy

the battles will mostly be randomized and very traditional RPG random battle like but there are situations where you can choose to engage the battle on your terms giving you the option to choose where to place your characters and what enemies you will be facing

so bottom line its like a very fast paced RTS system thats kind top down or at an angle down with a small playing field and your characters and everything is scaled realistically and its a small field so you dont have to pan or zoom and characters act out your commands in realistic speed they dont just walk around they run slide roll ect the enemy might be slower moving at first depending on how far you are in the game and their speed will pick up as you go along

experience will go towards accuracy reload times or just improve the time it takes for a command to refresh like faster at first aid and or deploying gadgets on the field or fixing another characters gadgets or hacking interacting with objects in the field

item stock will be a huge part in your overall strategy here you will need first aid supplies to be able to execute the first aid commands the better the supplies the faster health get restored and increases overall health, you will need to manage ammo, need to get tools to fix or hack objects gadgets the better the tools the more faster this gets done and when you defeat enemies they drop money of course but also parts and scraps supplies ect and you can also buy or find them to upgrade your weapons armor and shields or create entirely new gadgets almost like synthesizing

there will also be ship/vehicle combat which will be top down action RPGish meaning that you can move your ship freely around the field and you have an action/attack button to fire in this case it will be a lot like a dual stick shooter as well but there is also some resource management involved here which works like an active time gauge when the time runs out or the meter fills you can bring up a captain menu to change weapons and manage your crew you do this by tapping on your captains thumbnail when it appears on the screen or your characters thumbnail if your the captain of the ship when you tap on this icon/thumbnail it will pause the action and bring up the captain menu in this menu you are limited to x amount of commands for this turn and that limit increases as your ship and crew level up for the sake of explaining the concept lets say that limit is 3 commands with those three commands you can choose to switch weapons, order your crew to do specific tasks like increase engine output to make your ship faster or increase shields mop the floors ect which will allow you to actively be able to adjust your ships attributes on the fly and of course stack commands to have special bonus attributes and you can also order for repairs to replenish your health when you have made your decision your commands are carried out and your brought back into the action and you have to wait X amount of secs before you can bring up the captain menu again it gets gray'd out with a time meter superimposed over it when the time is filled or depleted the icon/thumbnail colors fade in allowing you to bring up the captain menu again

and thats all i got for the gameplay thus far.....

what do you guys think?

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07-15-2010, 07:56 PM
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-sci fi fantasy of course
-emphasis on gritty realism then fantasy
-key story focus; flexibility and openess
-plot: starts small/very easily to follow
-multiple factions; pirates/mercenaries, a federation (the good army?), empire (bent on galactic domination)
-no aliens for the majority of the game,but they may play a vital role in the plot later on in the game
-lots of lore, lots of side quests

character development:
-open and flexible
-each party member will have a primary and secondary role; these are set in stone and can not be changed
-will use a paradigm shift concept similar to FF13
-you can develop character via a skill chart/license board

-offensive role
-support role
-defensive role
-kind of like ff13 but sci fi instead of fantasy

-lots of equipment!!
-lots of weapons both ranged and melee
-tons of gadgets & deployable (drones, gunners, shields, items, ect)
-lots of armor possibilities; which is kinda just like halo armor or mass effect armor just classical armor but with a sci fi twist, so helmets, suits and all kinds of accessories and upgrades ect
-but there is also mech (or whatever it will be called) armor that uses energy which can turn your character into an "iron man" for instance for x amount of time depending on how much energy you have left
-there will be synthesizing/forging
-shops, towns, loot (item drops) and of course treasure chests or the sci fi equivalent

-support mechs/vehicles (sci fi equivalent of pets or summons they will be upgradeable and customizable
-tactical support from spaceship (unless you're on a mission where it needs to stay hidden)
-other misc idea go here

-tactical real time/turn based combat with an rts vibe to it
-movements, location, field advantages (flank, upwind/downwind), range ect play a key role combat
-not like ff tactics, more streamlined like RTS action'y

basically each random battle loads up as a small to large RTS map in 3D with enemy units already deployed and your party units appear on the map as if it was a RTS game. Instead of it being real time tho its turn based by means of a party action gauge. each character can perform a single action or multiple actions, each of which deplete or refill part of the gauge in battle. there will be cover bonuses, flank bonuses, negative flank penalties, and all kinds of situational bonuses and penalties to play off of.

so basically its a streamlined RTS game turned into a actiony/turn-based rpg combat experience by means of an action gauge. its not going to be like ff12 or ff13, more of a streamlined RTS game turned into an action rpg kinda, your party will have an action gauge that charges and depletes in real time almost like Valkyrie Profile silmeria but each party member acts independently. as your party executes your commands it will deplete the gauge.

basically i want to take an action'y streamlined RTS then turn it into more of an action/turn based RPG..

idk if any of this make sense but yea....

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07-15-2010, 10:02 PM
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Cubytes... Can you please stop polluting this board with these generic game ideas and unnecessary threads...
07-15-2010, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by nephilim apps View Post
Cubytes... Can you please stop polluting this board with these generic game ideas and unnecessary threads...
Do us a favor, and leave the guy alone. He has some pretty good ideas.
07-16-2010, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by nephilim apps View Post
Cubytes... Can you please stop polluting this board with these generic game ideas and unnecessary threads...
Your hypocrisy is off the charts!

07-16-2010, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by nephilim apps View Post
Cubytes... Can you please stop polluting this board with these generic game ideas and unnecessary threads...
The irony.

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07-16-2010, 05:02 PM
I, for one, welcome cubytes postings. If nothing else they are very elaborate and enthusiastic daydreams, but there are usually some interesting nuggets and concepts scattered around in them. The type of stuff that gets you thinking about what makes for great game design....

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07-17-2010, 03:24 AM
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hahaha thx guys

i dont exactly know what im getting at here....

on one hand im thinking of a streamlined (simplified action'y) RTS gameplay experience a la halo wars (for example) but on the other hand I want to take it out of context and redesign the core formula to fit as a battle system for a sci fi RPG.

the key difference is activating skills/techniques of your party members on the battle field as opposed to deploying units then telling them where to go.

its not completely real time and its not completely turn based (like tactics), its more like valkyrie profile 2 you know when you move the whole world moves as well but as your selecting commands everything is paused.

aside from that i have a whole laundry list of things i want to try and do...

such as:
-more emphasis on interactive environments (cover, traps, flank, bonuses)
-pets/summons: for sci fi = battle droids/mechs (ding!!!) that you can upgrade/customize/level up and summon/control on the battle field
-gadgets, gadgets and gadgets!!! did i say gadgets? lots of gadgets
-synthesize new gadgets, weapons,armor, out of loot, items and equipment
-space ships, upgrade/customize and will have to do battles with your space ship which will play out just like a traditional turn based RPG
-factions; kind of like guilds but more dynamic as in the world will treat you differently, and the story will progress differently
-social: clans/groups, PvP/tournaments, auctions/trading, co-op?

idk just some thoughts...

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07-17-2010, 03:42 AM
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Originally Posted by CommanderData View Post
I, for one, welcome cubytes postings. If nothing else they are very elaborate and enthusiastic daydreams, but there are usually some interesting nuggets and concepts scattered around in them. The type of stuff that gets you thinking about what makes for great game design....
Yep, leave it to cubytes to the rational ideas, and nephilim apps with his plans to make that 9/11 themed game he was talking about.

07-17-2010, 04:46 AM
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Yes, yes, yes. All of these ideas are great, but have you put any of them into action yet?