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App description: Old School Beat 'em up x Comics x Zombies x C-C-C-C-COMBOS!

Evil characters are way cooler than heroes. Bright side is so perfectBO-RING! And they never laugh

Villains, they are the real deal: tough, classy, charismatic with a deep powerful voice like the one of the guy in the movie trailers. Plus, it usually turns out they had a good reason to become such devilish dudes in the first place.

So why not play as the bad guy for once and fight against those irritating, self-absorbed heroes? And Zombies? Hell, why not, you can never get enough zombie smashing action!


- Awesome villain
- Boring heroes
- Combos

Also featuring:

- Old school 2D beat 'em all action
- Rad graphics and animations inspired from the comic books universe
- A complete skill tree to develop your villain attacks
11-18-2016, 04:32 PM
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Yo! I juz found this, had fun wit the 1zt
11-18-2016, 06:29 PM
Nice! The first one was published by the now defunct Bulkypix. Last I heard, a lot of devs weren't able to reclaim there games from publisher. This must be how they are reclaiming the ability to further develop the game and actually get paid as Bulkypix was apparently not giving devs the money there games were making. Good for these guys. I'm downloading now.