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Rpg Gamers, I want to discuss something

11-20-2016, 07:30 AM
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Rpg Gamers, I want to discuss something

Hey all, I'm in mobile gaming since 2 years, shame that I just found this site lul, it's a great mobile gaming site amazing work.

Anyway, I want to discuss about how mobile rpg gaming wasting away. There are tons of rpg games in mobile but all of them are just like copy of each other. Funny thing is most of them already forgotten. Can't see a really really unique rpg game.

Is is really hard/bad to make a game like this;

@Online rpg game with hack n slash style, I pref cartoonish graphics instead of serious looking like diablo etc.
@No energy/stamina based. Give us limitless gameplay is it really hard?
@Class roles; Tank - 1melee 1range dps - healer.
@Unique stat and talent and gear system. Giving points on stats and skills kinda basic, I need to explain this.

For example a melee dps with leather gear. Lets say rogue, based on agility. And secondary stat, like crit,haste,stamina etc. Lets say rogue's viable build is agi > crit > haste. He/she needs to equip crit/haste items etc.

Talent system, instead of just giving skill points what about talents like world of warcraft. Its a perfect system imo. When you level 10-15 or something (depends on max level) your first talent will be unlocked, there will be 3 talents and you have to pick one ofc. I think you got the idea.

@Dungeon based up to 4 players but long and hard. Right now, most rpg games based on dungeon yes but it takes like 1-2 mins to complete and easy as hell. Why not just make really long dungeons and make them hard?

For example bosses; Tank will do his job and tank the boss, dpses will attack while healer will heal the group. Boss will hit melee to tank or who has the aggro and boss will cast skills ofc. A red circle will appear and ofc you have to dodge this so its kinda need player skill. Most of rpg games has auto play which is retarded imo, it shows that the game is not even hard.

@End game content, really hard dungeons and bosses that has a chance to drop set items. Raids! Yes I love raids make it up to 8-10 players at least. Raids must be locked weekly or daily ofc.

I mean ypu got the idea right? You could say now this is a copy of wow, well it can be different I just gave you a sample, and right now all rpg games %100 copy of each other so.

Lets take a look at Order and chaos 2. Its a 3D mmorpg game similar to wow but its freaking retarded and low player based just because energy based and looots of daily locked dungeons. A wasted fully potantial game what a shame.

Do developers think energy based will bring more money? Im sorry but no I'll just quit instead of paying your @₺&₺ energy.
Do they think f2p with endless gameplay will bring nothing? Its simple, put amazing cosmetic items on shop. Or at least make it buy to play!

I do believe mobile gaming has grown up and almost like console level, It really needs amazing games already. Look at pc games, tons of free rpg games with endless gameplay, why not on mobile? Why no one takes serious mobile gaming? I don't want to play for 1hour and wait 3hours to get full energy. I want to play anytime I want thats all. I've heard torchlight coming soon, I think its not energy based, great but also we have to see in game play. Probaably dungeon based but is it short or long? Is it hard or not? We will see. But yeah I really want your opinion about this, Is it really a bad idea?

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11-20-2016, 08:12 AM
There are plenty of great RPGs on mobile, for all tastes, ranging from ports to original ones. Look on the rpg reload thread, that you are going to find a lot of cool stuff.

Online gaming is not my cup of tea, so I don't know much about it, but I've read here on Touch Arcade that some cool ones are coming (though ai don't remember their names).