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Dungeons of Chaos - AGENTS OF DEATH (planned for late December)

11-21-2016, 09:27 PM
Dungeons of Chaos - AGENTS OF DEATH (planned for late December)

The Dungeons of Chaos engine is being used to create a 'dark side' spinoff called AGENTS OF CHAOS.

It will be less story-driven, touch more roguelike. You play the minions of an evil god, trying to wrack havoc and destroy the good guys. The enemies will be city guards, adventurers and powerful heroes. All essentially in reverse to what Dungeons of Chaos was. You can accumulate esteem with your god and find rare altars to transform your characters into more powerful monsters.

The proposed progression paths and more around the concept are explained here: https://dungeonsofchaos.wordpress.co...-side-spinoff/

Hope is this will be ready for Christmas timeframe, but of course work is also continuing on the chapter 3 expansion of Dungeons of Chaos itself. Progress will also be discussed frequently on the facebook page.

CRPG lover and creator of Dungeons of Chaos
11-30-2016, 07:03 AM
fresh off the block minions stumbling across a full 6-man party of heroes. Ouch! This is what grinding and farming feels like at the other end! And that ghost is not safe either, while the barbarians' axes are useless and the rangers' arrows don't hurt, those fighters know to bring a 'vs undead' weapon to the fight.

AGENTS OF DEATH - scaling hero parties will be your worst enemy and frequently end your minion rampage run.

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And spread the word ... evil is coming.

CRPG lover and creator of Dungeons of Chaos