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[FREE] VOXEL DEFENSE - classical TD mobile game in voxel graphic

11-23-2016, 06:13 AM
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[FREE] VOXEL DEFENSE - classical TD mobile game in voxel graphic


On behalf of Chaos Studio Entertainment (the small indie game dev studio from Poland), I would like to share with you the result of our work --- mobile game for iOS and Android called VOXEL DEFENSE.

Voxel Defense is our first game, created in our spare time. We keep our fingers cross that you will like it.

The game is classic tower defense game without heroes, RPG elements... just strategy. The game is intended to be easy to play but hard to master. We are not planning to sell the game but ask for donations if u like it.

beta sign in the link:


YT trailer videos:

our FB page:

game description:
"Voxel Defense is the first game of indie game dev project Chaos Studio Entertainment. Our main goal is to give You and other TD game fans FREE moments of joy in a deep strategic game. There are over 50 defense towers ready for your command to fight the voxel-based invader. The range of available weaponry is huge. Starting with mystical mages of fire and ice or unknown time and space manipulators. Conventional generals can also choose more classical approach like bows, catapults or handguns. If there is still nothing for You, maybe great researchers with gigantic prism will suit your needs?
Despite your tactic, your enemy will send you a horde of 40 different mobs. Among all scary and nasty creatures, you will need to face, the horrible Goblins and Trolls or undead skeletons."

Best regards and have fun!

PS. Please get back to us with feedback! Thx!
01-18-2017, 05:45 AM
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VD is live!!!

VOXEL DEFENSE is live on google play: