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Trivium - The Quiz Challenge ( Dev Log )

11-23-2016, 06:06 PM
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Trivium - The Quiz Challenge ( Dev Log )

First of all i want to introduce myself. My name is Furman Dariusz and i'm full time developer at Gamesture. After my work i develop my own games as Funventure. Here you can see my logo.

I'm starting to write here about my game because i have been inspired by other great games that i was watching on that forum for a long time (BLOCKY FARM BY JET TOAST and many others).

Trivium - the quiz challenge is already released and can be found in Google Play store. Although it's released it is still under development. I have decided to released it after 2 weeks of "soft launch" in Philippines and Canada. Decision like that was provided by problem with getting good amount of users that could test my application and provide any data that will help in development process of the game.

Maybe little about the game now, it is simple trivia game, with many categories splitted into many difficulties. By solving trivia user is gaining experience and levels. Game is introducing rankings and achievements ( for now there is only one ladder based on player experience, and about 9 achievements). User sessions are controlled by energy which is refilled one per half an hour.

All trivia's are dynamically downloaded from server that's why i can add new content live without introducing new build into the store.

The game is using restful server which was written in C# and is staying on Microsoft Azure server, thanks to that and connection with facebook api user can play on different mobile devices with the same account.

I'was marketing the game on twitter and facebook with really good effects using only small budget because i didn't want to introduce my game to any investors or publishers so i do not have much money to spend on it. But after 5 iterations and little target optimalizations i had app click on 3,8 % rate.

For now i had 680 downloads in one month from that little more than 50% were ad campaigns on twitter and facebook.
But since one week i've stopped all campaigns because i have gathered data that i wanted to know before i will introduce next versions of the game.

As i said the game itself is still under development that's why version is signed as 0.11.0 it's 24 build in the store. So i'm still iterating it and trying to fix my graphs .

I'm still searching for a little help with the game so if any one is will to help. Write to me

Soon i will share more informations about my game, marketing and ad campaigns optimizations that i was doing earlier. And in future will share with you any news.


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01-22-2017, 05:31 PM
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#2 Wheel of Fortune- Update v.1.0.6

Hi everyone!

I'm writing after many weeks of hard work, last week I've released official version 1.0.0 to google play store. I've done some marketing on polish sites with some really good effect. I've managed about 1,000 downloads in 4 days. Was top 1 trivia trending game in Poland. I have so much data to analyze and can make my game much better. Today I released version 1.0.6 which introduced wheel of fortune.

I've told you that i will publish an article about little marketing of my game so grab it here:

Ultra low Budget Marketing based on Trivium - the quiz challenge

I hope that wheel of fortune will give the players some extra daily routine which will affect with better d1 and d7 retention. What is more I have stabilized game engine, based on bugs found in earlier versions.

Here you have some gif:

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