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Cover Fire - Multi character FPS game by One Man Band

11-29-2016, 06:52 AM
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Cover Fire - Multi character FPS with 3D Touch aiming by One Man Band

Hello there!

We want to introduce you our brand new game, called Cover Fire. We've been developing it during a year and we already have something to show. We're looking for beta testers to help us shape the final version. We hope you like it . If you would like to join the beta testing, just type in your e-mail address in the Google Form below:


The story behind the game is that Tetracorp, a megacorporation is occupying several areas over the planet suppressing villages, taking over their resources and controlling every possible communication. In order to restore peace, the Resistance has born.

We will be using three main characters in every mission, each of them with different abilities. For example, we will have to kill enemies with a direct combat with our automatic gun carried by a navy seal while offering support by the sniper.

Other main features of Cover Fire is that we take advantage of different aspects:
  • the 3D Touch iOS control and we think the usability has improved a lot. Apply pressure on the screen to aim. Press a little harder to shoot.
  • Destructible environments: shoot that car and make it explode. Or maybe you just want to create a beautiful chaos.
  • Immersive cinematic: you will get into the game with a cool story told by a comic.
  • Unlock special characters: from Bucannan to Steve the Dinosaur.

Screenshots of Cover Fire's gameplay:

Gameplay video:
Youtube: video

We're looking for some of early beta testers to give the game a try. The 3D implementation has been hard to explain as it's not something the average player is used to, so any feedback is always welcomed.

We hope you guys like the game!



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11-29-2016, 10:14 AM
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I just submitted my email address! This looks awesome! It's about time a developer took 3D Touch seriously. I think using it for aiming and shooting is absolutely brilliant! Hopefully we'll see some FPS games ultilize this in the future too.

11-29-2016, 10:26 AM
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I applied too but

Is this for just google play? Cause im on the app store
11-29-2016, 10:30 AM
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I honestly LOVE games like this! I'm hoping to see this coming out soon and see millions of players playing it
11-29-2016, 10:31 AM
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Great work all around; I'm a fan of the concept artwork myself. The screenshots and/or gameplay snippets look really polished for a mobile title as well. Count me in!
11-29-2016, 10:38 AM
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Thank you, @macatron! I hope you like the game. Your promo code should be in your inbox by now. Could you please share your thoughts when you have it?

@Kimchisoju, it will be released on Android but, by now, it's only available on iOS. You won't be able to download it because it's not released but if you've typed in your e-mail in this form, you should receive a promo code so you can download the game. If you don't know how to do it, read the documentation provided by Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201209. To sum up: in App Store, scroll down and tap on the "Redeem" button. Paste the code we will send you to your email address and you will be downloading the game right away.
11-29-2016, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Kimchisoju View Post
Is this for just google play? Cause im on the app store
I guess 3D touch is Apple exclusive
11-29-2016, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by ZenThoo View Post
I guess 3D touch is Apple exclusive
Yes it is. In fact, exclusive for iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 (by now). If the device is not compatible with this feature, the game detects it and shows screen buttons to aim and shoot.
11-29-2016, 10:45 AM
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So how do I delete posts again?

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11-29-2016, 11:08 AM
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Oh by the way - will I be able to play the game from where the test phase ended when it comes out or do I have to play it from the beginning then?