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[Free][Android][Coming soon] Battle of the Pucks

12-08-2016, 05:05 PM
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[Free][Android][Coming soon] Battle of the Pucks

What do you get if you crossbreed air hockey, curling, pool, sumo wrestling... and even checkers? That's right: Battle of the Pucks!

An exciting little game with a very simple goal: propel your pucks so they ram your opponent's pucks out of the field! And whenever you score (drive off their puck(s) but don't lose any of your own), you get to push again! GO GO GO!

(Why checkers, you might ask? Because there exists a version of this game where you don't move from field to field but finger-flick your pieces across the board to knock off enemy's army.)

Despite the game's simplicity—and addictiveness!—it takes time to master the skill of propelling your pucks with the exact required force and direction. More than that, it takes strategy and foresight to not only score but create positions that are of maximum difficulty for your opponent. In the Battle of the Pucks, you can play against a human or a computer—and the computer's level of skill ranges from comically hapless to deviously agile!

Levels of the game will vary by the initial position of pieces. The further you go, the more difficult would be to knock off your opponent's pucks without losing your own pieces.

This GIF shows one round of the game, at the simplest of levels, where two computer opponents face off—one a little more capable than the other. The Greens start and get quite far along but critically misfire at some point—and the lone remaining Orange warrior takes revenge and brings its side to victory!

Written in Java in LibGDX, a release for Android is planned for now.
12-12-2016, 02:16 PM
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The intro screen to the game!

12-12-2016, 03:15 PM
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We keep working on AI to make human vs. computer battles interesting and adjustable depending on human's abilities. More on this here.
12-20-2016, 11:50 AM
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A snippet of gameplay

A snippet of gameplay with the first seven boards in Battle of the Pucks. Feedback will be highly appreciated. Please contact if you want to be a tester!

01-02-2017, 01:48 PM
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The best Christmas gift Not to be outdone by her younger sister, our 18-year-old began to develop new levels for Battle of the Pucks as well, already with catchy names!

01-06-2017, 07:27 AM
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Another snippet of gameplay

As you ascend in your gameplay mastery, you will unlock advanced levels where the playing board can be non-rectangular and even non-convex! Here's a sampling of how the gameplay on such boards looks like. Watch in awe how two AIs are battling each other at their full strength... but still making errors, of course, because there may no longer exist a straightforward winning strategy for some of these boards, so the outcome often depends on chance.

01-15-2017, 06:33 PM
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We are getting very close to releasing the first version of Battle of the Pucks! Some of the latest additions to its UI:

1. A photo background (a starry night for now) slides together with each move. In the future, we are planning to add different backgrounds for different levels of the game.

2. Pucks of different sizes (and therefore weights) have variable friction and require you to adjust your flicks accordingly.

3. The program adds tips for new players (visible during the first few rounds only) and funny comments the computer makes when you play against it (or when you just watch two AIs battling).

4. By pressing the Restart button you now can choose to play from the square one at any time. Restarting one type of game (for example, human vs. computer) won't affect your current positions in other games (human vs. human or computer vs. computer).

5. If you win a round in Battle of the Pucks without losing your turn or any of your pucks, you will be awarded a star!

6. Your best moves are recorded and can be played again right at the spot or later on, when you review your personal records.

7. The program calculates each move's strength to let you know how sophisticated (wise, artful, risky) your move was. So even with the same score, your total strength will grow along with your expertise in the game.

8. At any time, you can check your current standings in Battle of the Pucks, as well as replay your three best moves so far.

9. New levels (each level up opens ten new boards to play) will become available after you reach a certain degree of mastery. This affects all three versions of the game (playing against another human or computer, or just watching two AI battling) at the same time.

The remaining things to do:

1) Adjusting the smartness of game's AI for the best user experience - will require lots of testing from players of different strengths

2) Adding sound effects

3) Adding an Info screen and more game options (choosing custom colors and smartness levels)
02-16-2017, 07:52 PM
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Battle of the Pucks is almost ready for release! Here is our latest gameplay video. Anyone interested in getting an apk file to test-play is welcome, just send us a PM!