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[JP] STAR OCEAN -anamnesis- (by SQUARE ENIX )

12-13-2016, 01:20 PM
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[JP] STAR OCEAN -anamnesis- (by SQUARE ENIX )

Mobile version of STAR OCEAN finally came out in japan. here's my cartoon review of the game

12-13-2016, 01:38 PM
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This game is so awesome
Im a few days in and loving it sure it's FTP but I don't really care it has story and amazin graphics the 3D RPG battles are best I've seen in mobile
Nice presentation and not too much FTP crap standing in the way
It's a winner in my opinion and hope the world gets to play it one day too as a matter of fact I'm gone to play it now
Also as much as I love it too glad there isn't voice animated scenes because the space would be massive and I don't have tons of room
Also please keep posting these I love them and do most of my gaming from the Japan App Store and it's good to see the games you highlight
Oh and a Request for The Grand Marche by Square it's in Japan only here is the link I think you will enjoy it if you haven't played it yet グランマルシェの迷宮 by SQUARE ENIX INC
It's rated all stars and I will say it's because it's super fun like a minesweeper RPG and it mixes beautiful artwork anime with food

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12-13-2016, 02:00 PM
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Amazing title!

Although I am not particularly a fan of online-only F2P games, as a Star Ocean fan, I must say that this game stands out amongst the rest! There are the typical gatchas and mission-based grinding, BUT the presentation of the battle system really shows how much power your iOS device can produce!

The battles are lightning-paced just like the PS2 and later era Star Ocean games, and the graphics and special effects are downright jaw-dropping. Although the game isn't as beautiful on iPad as Mobius FF, it does come close in some aspects. To be honest, I didn't know they could seemingly port a PS2/PS3-like graphics engine into iOS like this and still retain lightning speed! You can even move your character around a 3-D battlefield and use evasive maneuvers, which can save your neck!

As a true 100% F2P gamer, of course I won't spend any real money on the game, but I do praise its "ease" on the paywall. You are handed out ALOT of premium currency at first, which is enough to get some powerful characters. Another thing is that characters from all the Star Ocean games should be making an appearance in the game, after all, this game is celebrating Star Ocean's 20th Anniversary.

In closing, it sure would have been nice if this was released as a full complete PREMIUM game; would have been a potential GOTY title, but anyway, that's just a pipe dream. I can easily recommend this game even over HIT and other pretty games.

It's only available in Japan right now (all in Japanese too), so you'll either have to learn Japanese to play or wait for a possible international release.

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