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App description: What's new in the 2.1 update:

- Play with up to 3 friends using split screen
- Gamepads support
- Female players
- Food rot
- Sickness
- Flu
- Jaguars, Leopards and Tiger Sharks
- Rivers, and the mountains are much higher
- Customizable paint colors

...and much more: full list of 115 additions at https://kaalus.wordpress.com/updates-history

You are marooned on the shores of an infinite blocky world. Explore, mine resources, craft tools and weapons, make traps and grow plants. Tailor clothes and hunt over 30 real world animals for food and resources. Build a shelter to survive cold nights and share your worlds online. Ride horses, camels or donkeys and herd cattle to protect them from predators. Blast your way through the rock with explosives. Build complex electric devices. Craft custom furniture. Paint. Use pistons to build moving machines. Farm crops and plant trees. Make and combine 40 different items of clothing to protect yourself from attacks and weather or to look smart. Play with up to 3 friends using split screen. Possibilities are infinite in this long-running sandbox survival and construction game series.

Survivalcraft brings features you love in the PC version of Minecraft to your mobile device: infinite worlds, caves, logic elements (electricity), pistons, weather, boats, rideable animals, explosions, clothes, armor and many more. It does so while maintaining its own realistic, survival-themed style and expanding the gameplay through custom furniture, proper physically simulated explosions, temperature simulation and many more.

12-14-2016, 08:47 AM
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Well this is a surprise 👍

12-14-2016, 09:23 AM
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Never saw this coming just so glad I loved the first one constant updates and a great dev
Will buy immediately love Survivalcraft
12-14-2016, 09:31 AM
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Is there anything different about this game as compared to Minecraft? What are the similarities/differences?
12-14-2016, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Repulsa View Post
Is there anything different about this game as compared to Minecraft? What are the similarities/differences?
Before Minecraft added mods that was the big thing about Survivalcraft it has mods
It does have more stuff in general
Survivalcraft mainly is more realistic instead of a creeper a lion etc that's the big thing I love about it feels more real and I like it Better
Gets a lot of updates and he dev is good
12-14-2016, 01:21 PM
Any MFi love?
12-14-2016, 01:51 PM
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Also, have to worry about temperature and the such. I loved the first one. Still prefer Minecraft, but this definitely provides some nice variety.
12-14-2016, 01:55 PM
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Does this one have multiplayer?
12-14-2016, 01:59 PM
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if u guys havent see yet, check out biggest changes in survivalcraft 2

FURNITURE (and more than that)


for more go to https://kaalus.wordpress.com

Price is promotional, it goes up before christmass so go ahead and take advantage!

sorry 4 my english

My Survivlcraft: https://twitter.com/spoon3er
12-14-2016, 02:15 PM
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Real missed opportunity for this one to not be called 2 SURVIVAL 2 CRAFT. Three and a half stars.

I gave three and half stars to your favorite game.