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Island Delta - Mantisbite & Noodlecake

12-14-2016, 04:13 PM
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Island Delta - Mantisbite & Noodlecake

It is not all just Santa Hats and snowy golf courses at Noodlecake this December. We have been hard at work with the team over at Mantisbite on their awesome new game "Island Delta" which will be hitting iOS Dec 22nd!

Island Delta is an exciting action filled adventure game where you wield a powerful anti-gravity weapon to defeat dangerous enemies, solve puzzles and overcome hazardous traps. Explore this retro-futuristic world with heroes, Zoe and Baxter, as you set out on a daring rescue mission and face the evil Doctor Gunderson and his mechanical minions.

Island Delta is isometric puzzler that pays homage from greats like Portal and Half Life 2's gravity gun. Using both a virtual joystick and simple touch controls, players are able to move around and manipulate the environment to solve puzzles, find secrets and unlock the mystery behind the island. It is a fun adventure that is broken down into 30 levels across 3 Chapters, so players can jump in and complete a level at a time or go back and try and find all the hidden items in each level.

Island Delta will be $2.99 with no ads, or iaps and will be exclusive to iOS for the holiday season.

12-14-2016, 04:14 PM
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Take all my frickin' money!

Everyone's favorite chamber of death, doom and decomposition.

12-14-2016, 04:20 PM
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Seriously, take all of it. Thought I was psyched for this week, but now cannot wait for next week to come around.
12-14-2016, 04:42 PM
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12-14-2016, 05:24 PM
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12-14-2016, 06:38 PM

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12-14-2016, 07:55 PM
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looks good xD
12-21-2016, 10:41 AM
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Hope this drops early. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
12-21-2016, 02:19 PM
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I was thinking the same thing, I have off today and was thinking it would be great if I could spend the day cooped up with this.
12-21-2016, 07:02 PM
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Noodlecake has an App Store link directly on their website. It's not available yet, but that will probably be the quickest way to know when it has dropped.