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App description: Hover, climb, and fight as the first Cyber Gargoyle in this epic adventure.

Cyber Gargoyle - The Fettered Mind is a Metroidvania game.

In this action-adventure you play Cyber Gargoyle the first successful blending of humans and machines. Explore and search for power-ups to reach previously inaccessible areas, while trying to reveal Dr. Lanes secret as the story unfolds. Use fire, ice, and earth flames against enemies, to destroy walls, and to be able to climb up spikes - in this side-scrolling platformer. Smart enemy AI and procedural enemy generation will keep you on your toes. Encounter exciting boss fights as never seen before.

This game is for you if you like games such as Castlevania, Metroid, Gargoyle's Quest, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, and similar.

Key Features:
+ More than 22 locations
+ Non-linear gameplay
+ Exceptional boss battles
+ Procedural enemy generation
+ Smart enemy AI
+ Gripping story
+ Innovative UI
+ Wonderful graphics
+ Enchanting music
+ In-app booklet
+ Metroidvania style
+ High score chasing
+ Hours of replay value

Dr. Sean Noah Lane, one of the greatest scientists of the 21st century and a pioneer in nanotechnology, started to behave strangely and then suddenly disappeared. Dr. Barbara Mayer, a specialist in genetics, followed him. Together, they started research on breeding gargoyles and creating cyber gargoyles on a secret location, rumours are that they are somewhere in Betonomia.

This kind of research can represent a serious threat to the human species in the future, especially as Dr. Lane's intentions are unknown. Uncovering Dr. Lanes secret location, you and a small group of supporters are on a mission to stop him.

Are you up to the challenge to find out about the mysteries that are going on in Betonomia and to confront Dr. Lane?
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Who deleted the original thread for this game? Sketchy.
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Originally Posted by MintCity View Post
Who deleted the original thread for this game? Sketchy.
The original thread still exists, hence why all these new topics are being deleted.

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