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App description: in the not too distant future a virus-stricken world
attempts to protect the last reminants of humanity from the
infectious spread of a devastating zombie plague.

Nearly all modes of transportation have been shutdown.
all remaining contact between humans is facilitated through
supply trains that run between safezone stations.

Stations are well protected by us, but the land in between is
infested with zombies. as a newly recruited sniper
on board one of our automated black hawks, you are tasked
with eliminated all threats before the trains reach us.

Trains will be carrying human and zombie passengers.

Now climb aboard your helicopter and take out all zombies that
have infiltrated the trains before they reach the safezone stations!


- Tilt device or in-game joystick to aim, Tap to shoot!


- Two game modes, Arcade & Campaign
- Realistic human and zombie behaviours
- Visually stunning apocalyptic HD graphics
- Full parallax scrolling
- Train routes set between real european city safezones
- VIPs that influence the game dynamics
- Dynamic population and infection rates
- Ability to build safezone security
- Choose which missions to attempt
- Choose when to advance the game date

- Female character animations
- An additional european safezone map
- A new US safezone map
- A new fully automatic weapon
- A thermal scope
- 3 additional train types
- Gamecenter highscores
- And more!

Van der Veer Games will provide continued updates support for any bug fixes as well as continuously improving and enhancing your game for the best possible enjoyment!

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12-27-2016, 06:41 PM
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Just found out about this game looking forward for payday so I can try this game.