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App description: Ricochet Ranger is a puzzle game set in a medieval fantasy realm. The Ranger is on quest to save the kingdom from an invading horde of goblins and orcs. Use his arsenal of bows and arrows to kill each enemy and move closer to a confrontation with the ogre king. The Ranger specializes in ricochet attacks--bounce your arrows off of walls and around objects in order to hit targets. The levels become more challenging the further the Ranger gets on his quest. Begin in the gentle meadows before moving through the mysterious Elven forest. Finally, arrive at the castle fortress, taken over by the evil ogre king and his minions. Along your journey, find hidden scrolls to discover more about the Rangers world. You can also play against your friend in local versus mode to see who is the more skilled Ricochet Ranger.
01-05-2017, 03:44 PM
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Beautifully rendered, with simple but challenging game play. Static ads are frequently displayed, but 99 cents removes them.