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App description: ***IMPORTANT UPDATE***
Both Odin's Protectors servers have been shut down (may be permanently) due to lack of funds. So this game is currently offline only! With this in mind, I will be reducing the price from 2.99 USD -> 0.99 USD.

Sorry for the inconvenience. The single player mode will still be available, however please bear in mind that the game was designed to be played online.

Odin's Protectors is a character-building RPG based loosely on Norse Mythology. Unlike most role-playing games, your character's attributes and equipment are improved solely through several different mini-games. These improvements will increase the character's Power Level, which is a rough gauge of battle prowess. However, to truly determine one's power, players must battle other Asgardians in the Tower of Valhalla to become a mighty Odin Protector (OP)!

Story Overview - Odin watches over all of the 9 Realms from high atop the Tower of Valhalla within Asgard. Many evil beings wish to conquer Asgard and usurp Odin's reign. To prevent this, Odin has set up the Tower as a stronghold against any foe. Many of the 1337 floors of the Tower are guarded by one of Odin's Protectors, the strongest warriors in all of Asgard; the higher the floor, the more powerful the Protector.

You can select from 5 Aesir (gods) to prepare for Ragnarok and help maintain the balance of the 9 Realms. Gods include: Thor, Freya, Loki, Sol, and Tyr.

Mini-games provide a variety of gaming experiences, including RPG, puzzle, action, platforming and more. Odin's Protectors includes an online mode, so you can battle against your friends, enemies, or even your much dreaded frenemies.

Wanna be OP? (Odin Protector)

You can really feel OP knowing that 20% of all profits of Odin's Protectors go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
01-06-2017, 08:36 AM
Thanks Repulsa!

Just bought it, this looks right up my alley
01-06-2017, 09:17 AM
Joined: May 2015
Posts: 556
Would be interested to here impressions please - the graphics look nice but perhaps a little lacking in depth and gameplay is my only concern? That and the voice of the girl doing the voiceover on the App Store video - a little annoying and very cheesy!

@lady that did the voiceover - sorry if youre reading this! 😬
01-07-2017, 08:23 AM
Joined: Jul 2015
Posts: 1,284
This game is pretty cool, I like casual RPG's and this was right up my alley as well. The only thing confusing me is trying to fight the first floor protector. My character just stands there and dies. There are no buttons to push or any indicator that it is anything but an auto battle but as I said my character doesn't do anything she just stands there and dies. I was hoping the actual fighting was a little more exciting, and maybe I need to train her more before I try again or something? The mini games are fun and challenging and the match three dungeon crawler (this is how you earn money it is in the guild hall) is actually really fun.
01-08-2017, 06:40 PM
Joined: Jul 2015
Posts: 1,284
Still really enjoying this but the auto combat is killing me, I really need something to tap at least, a couple buttons to mash. you have all these skills you are putting points into but my character hardly ever even uses her special abilities during combat. I would love to be able to be the one in control of them. If the developers see this, please make the combat a little more interactive, it would make this game perfect!