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01-11-2017, 02:30 PM
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We just sent the Testflight invitations!

--------> JOIN THE BETA! <--------

*The Beta is going to be available until Sunday, February 5th, so if you didn’t have a chance to try it yet, you still have time to do so! ^-^

Hi there TouchArcade!

We’re Álvaro and Valeria (aka Platonic Games) two indiedevs from Spain. Last month we launched Symmetria, and since we struggle a lot with its development (you can read more about it in MadeWithUnity) we wanted to make something new, smaller, but still nice! During the holidays we’ve been prototyping an old idea and we think is ready for beta testing!


Mochi Monsters is a color-based endless hopper. Jump all your way up before the paint hides your platforms - or reveals the traps!

Here's a sneak peek of the gameplay:

We’ve been also working a bit on the pitch and will love to know your thoughts about it:


Mochis​ ​are​ ​cute​ ​mini​ ​squishies​ ​with​ ​a​ ​chewy​ ​texture​ ​that​ ​makes​ ​them​ ​wholly​ ​unforgettable.
They’re​ ​kawaii​ ​stress​ ​relief​ ​balls​ ​in​ ​japanese​ ​dessert​ ​mochi​ ​form!


Do you ever feel the need of squeeze something extremely cute? Sometimes you see a puppy so adorable it drives you crazy? You want to bite the life out of that little soft baby? Well, don’t worry, that’s actually normal!

The answer lie in the phenomenon known as cute aggression. Sometimes we want to squeeze cute, eat cute, gobble cute, pinch cute and all because the cuteness is unbearable. It’s actually a brain self de-stressing gimmick!

We’re huge fans of this so-called phenomenon, and we designed Mochi Monsters keeping this interesting concept in mind. Every color, every sound, every little visual detail has been carefully selected to inspire you a cute overdose. You’re welcome!

So, if you like fluffy squishy smooshy little cute kawaii things, you may enjoy playing with Mochi Monsters! :D


- Tilt control (like Doodle Jump)
- More than 60 Mochi minions to play with!
- Lots of color palettes to choose from (we’re still working on them! ò_o)
- Achievements and leaderboards will be integrated with Game Center

--------> JOIN THE BETA! <--------

We are using TestFlight, so the only thing you need in order to join the beta is your email. You can submit it here: http://bit.ly/2j7njJD
You can also send us your email to beta@platonicgames.com, PM me or leave it in the comments :)
*You still have time to join our beta!
**We’ll also give a free Premium Mochi to all testers as thanks for your efforts!


We have also prepared a Feedback Form that you can complete in less than 5 minutes after playing Cartesian: https://goo.gl/forms/LhQp9jB0vqk2EtLc2

As you already know, all the feedback is more than welcome and really help us to see if the idea can succeed ^-^

Thanks a lot!
Rugnor & Noval33t

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlatonicGames
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlatonicGames
Web: http://platonicgames.com

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01-29-2017, 04:15 PM
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Hi everyone!

We just sent the Testflight invitations (sorry for the delay! >_<).
There’s also already available a Feedback Form that won’t take you more than 5min and will help us a lot ^-^ https://goo.gl/forms/LhQp9jB0vqk2EtLc2

Thanks a lot for your time! We hope you like Mochi Monsters! :D