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App description: Cassical and cute pixel puzzle game is coming~36 different levels will fuel your brain!
From LV1, little monster Slime star off fiercely, coming from the wild to the newbie zone and the blacksmith town...

I used to be weak in many games,
I used to be defeated endlessly by the new comers,

But now I am angry, watch out, Those new comers, Those self-righteous warriors,
Those merchants who sell the weapons to the damn warriors,
Those blacksmiths who never bath themselves,

Monsters also have their own dignity!!!

I AM SLIME!!!!!!

Is about to come: shadow city theme, mystery!

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01-12-2017, 06:40 PM
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Pretty fun game. 12 levels to each zone in which there are 4 .
The first zone is free then you must buy the game for .99 to complete the rest .
I haven't bought it yet but I am plan on it.
The first zone of 12 levels is pretty easy , took me about 20 minutes.
Hopefully the other zones are harder and I'm not sure if they have more obstacles , weapons, and enemies yet.
Worth trying out and it is fun to figure out the pattern to complete the levels.

Gameplay and controls are easy to figure out . Touch the square on any side of you to move one spot, each enemy will have a weapon beside of him or some may not so strategy will be involved and they will also have a health bar above ranging from 1-3.
Each weapon has different range and amounts of Dmg it will do.

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