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App description: Polywarp is a minimal game about rhythm and geometry. Match the polygon shapes before they reach the center of the screen to survive. Collect color schemes to transform the game into a psychedelic kaleidoscope as you progress through several stages of increasing difficulty. Headphones recommended.

IMPORTANT HEALTH WARNING: This game contains high-contrast rapid flashing images.

- 5 difficult stages that will put your rhythm and geometry recognition to the test
- Over 70 collectable color schemes to turn the game into a psychedelic kaleidoscope
- Lush soundtrack featuring downtempo, breakbeat and glitch electronica
- Completely free to play

Boardumb's comments:

JUST AS AN FYI: The video below contains a lot of bright flashing colors so since I'm the one posting this thread I feel the need to put out an epilepsy warning just to be safe

01-18-2017, 01:43 AM
Okay, this game is FANTASTIC. It's a really great take on the twitch genre, and sure, the roots are obvious, but this is a cool variation and it's super fun and addictive. The music is great, too. Pick it up, it's free, you won't regret it!