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App description: A huge virtual multiplayer world awaits you! Select your wild character from 29 different safari animals including the tiger, mammoth, wolf, lion and even baby animals! You must fight to protect the weaker wildlife and hunt to get stronger in this simulator!

Choose Your Breed

Choose from deadly carnivores like the lion, cheetah and wolf; or cute baby animals like zebra foal and tiger cub. There are 29 different species to choose from, including lots of big cats from the African Savanna! If you play as a big monster creature, don't forget to protect the baby animals!

Explore and Immersive 3D Island

Leap into a beautiful island wilderness where you can hide in the forest, drink from the watering hole, run along the sandy beach as you complete quests to level up your animal.

Fight to Protect the Weak

Stronger predators can protect weaker creatures by fighting by their side. When you fight and kill a bigger animal, you level up faster and become stronger. Battle it out to see who is the strongest on the island!

Form Packs, Meet Friends & Chat

Make friends with other players and chat to plan hunting, survival and fighting strategies!

Lots of Missions

Join an adventure to rescue wild animals as you hunt, search for food and shelter, and battle for survival.

Updates: Foxie Games are planning lots of stable updates to make the game even more fun.

Play for Free! You can play through the whole game without paying any real money! However, like all our games, Animal Sim Online is free to play, but it contains upgrades that can be purchased for real money.

Visit our official website at www.foxiegames.com

Foxie Games's comments:

We have just released Animal Sim Online on iOS! Join thousands of players hunting each other, protecting weaker animals, completing rescue missions together on a deserted island in worldwide multiplayer.

You can chat, make friends, and explore the island together with other players. Gain experience as you hunt, become stronger and level up. Hope you love the game!

Foxie Games
01-19-2017, 06:20 AM
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I thought my leopard would be top of the food chain, but was hunted and consumed within five minutes. Shocking.
01-19-2017, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Stronsay View Post
I thought my leopard would be top of the food chain, but was hunted and consumed within five minutes. Shocking.
By what?
01-19-2017, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by bestkevin View Post
By what?
A bunch of lions and cougars. There is concern about the accuracy of this simulation. Anyway, I now have another leopard up and running on a less populated island who has completed some missions and earned 167 coins. 600 needed to get my own lion.