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Hook Champ Lite out + Design a Character Contest!

10-20-2009, 06:32 PM
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Hook Champ Lite out + Design a Character Contest!

Get ready for a world of swinging ADVENTURE!

Youtube link | Pop Up

Game Info Page

App Store Link to the Lite Version

TouchArcade thread with massive praise for the Full Version

Also, get ready for a contest. A contest to design a Hook Champ character. Instructions follow:

1. Check the Lite version out here!
Download it, play it, get a feel for the game setting. Maaaaybe rate it??? Though the last part totally won't help you win the contest.

2. Post your idea for a character here, as a reply in this thread. Their name, appearance, and story.

3. Also post how they'd play differently if they replaced the main character. New items? New physics? No grappling hook at all? Go nuts here.

Wow Contest Rules are BORING. Let's talk about PRIZES.

The Rocketcat Games staff (me and two other dudes) will vote on our five favorite entries. All five winners will receive the following double-prize prize combo.

1. A Promo Code for the full version they can use themselves or trade for a vastly inferior game.

2. A picture of their winning character, made by our artist, in the exact same style as the Hook Champ main character, Jake.

Entries won't be accepted after Saturday at 5pm pacific time. Winners will be announced some time after that.

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10-20-2009, 06:40 PM
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The main character definitely needs a taller brother in green overalls. He slide around more but can jump higher...

Or a distant family member with a spear that he launches himself in to the air with?

Rename the main character to Cliff Hanger and you could add in his brother, Coat!

OK, I'll shut up now.

Originally Posted by NickFalk View Post

Worst idea ever!

10-20-2009, 06:50 PM
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Ninja: Jade I. Roper

Name: Jade I. Roper
Appearance: Female, black, wearing black ninja suit w/ red sash, wearing black mask (green eyes revealed)
Hook: Long spike (instead of hook), with thinner rope
Play: You can play as her after you beat the level as Jake. She shoots out her spike (hook) faster and has a faster running speed proportionally to Jake's at their current level, but is normal in all other aspects. Her sash blows behind her as she moves. (If possible: after she falls to the ground, she rolls at a higher speed and then reverts to running at normal speed)

Story: Jade I. Roper spent 5 years searching for hooking skills equal to her own. In her journey through Redport, she heard of a man whose hooking skills were legendary, and sought to beat him. Now, she follows him constantly, always trying to catch up and challenge him to a race.

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10-20-2009, 07:10 PM
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Hmm, how about a non-human character?
Some kind of rock being or golem nicknamed Tim. He was discovered deep in an enchanted cave, and Jake befriended him. Instead of a grappling hook he can stiffly extend and swing both his arms. He would be limited in terms of speed and mobility, but he makes up for it with brute force. He can run a bit faster than Jake and pick up enough momentum to break through weak spots. Since he's made of enchanted rock he could move more freely underwater or maybe even in magma.
As for back story... He was born a normal man named Timothy who loved to explore caves on the island. One day as he was crawling through a narrow crevice he came upon a large cavern. It was filled with all sorts of odd papers, potions, books, and totems. He decided to look around for a little bit when an evil voodoo witch caught him and cursed him to be entrapped in stone. Now he wanders around searching and hoping for someone with the power to return him to his original state. When Jake accidentally bumps into Tim he listens to Tim's story and finds it very interesting. He promises to help Tim on his quest to become human again and in return Tim helps Jake in his treasure hunts.

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10-20-2009, 07:25 PM
Name: Jane
Apperance: female, black ninja suit covering most of the body, pony tail
Hook: Pole, you can upgrade length, strength, and speed.
Attributes: higher then normal jump, and less friction in jumps.
Story: Originally on a boat going to the olympics, she was waylaid by a ship full of pirates. She escaped when they got to Greenbay and found out about a treasure in the temples there. With her flexibility and areodynamic pole-vaulting, She knew she would be able to get past the many enemies in the temple, not to mention the one eternally chasing her!

Originally Posted by zoo View Post
Something along the lines of "You have bought 10 hats! A new hat is available for purchase in the store". But no hat.

Edit: I realize I am overly concerned about this hat.
10-20-2009, 07:55 PM
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Name: Latch
Appearance: Small brown dog with a black spot on his back, and a white spot on his eye. Short, stubby tail. Instead of hats, you can buy collars!
Hook: His Tail!!!! Upgrade all the things you can normally upgrade, but also upgrade his bark! His bark is like rocket boots, but it sends you blasting up and forward!
Attributes: Higher jumps than Jake, but he tends to fall quicker.
Story: On a peaceful Sunday, Jake was with his dog Latch getting treasure. Jake grabbed the treasure, when the Monster came! Jake quickly grabbed Latch and hooked away, but dropped Latch on accident! Latch almost fell into magic water, but Jake barely got him in time. But, the magic water touched Latch's tail, and then... It turned into a grapple hook! Now Latch and Jake both grapple their way through the cursed dungeons... BFFs! =P

I hope you like my idea! (Oh, maybe you could add multiplayer too! Multiplayer could be online, local wifi, or blutooth!)

OMG. Double Rainbow!
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10-20-2009, 08:21 PM
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i was bored

Name: "The Incredible" Dr. Friedrich "Freddy" Von Harpin III A.K.A. "The Doc"
Appearance: Slightly older than Jake. Dark, grayish, slightly-balding hair, with a full mustache. Wears a derby by default. Has that wild west banker type look. Uses glasses and/or a 'loupe'
Story: Local pawn shop owner of Redport driven out of business due to the economy's recent favoring of the demand of hats over gadgets. Due to his years of collecting and trading, he owns many things from broken forks to even his own air balloon, which is why Jake requests his services. The Doc joins Jake and Gunny as their guide and chauffeur to retrieve the far away treasures of surrounding forgotten sites.

Harpoon Cane - half cane for the docs limp with half retractable harpoon to latch onto cave ceiling. now people will be addicted being a hooker and having cane. replaces the grappling hook
Flash Jars - glass jar full of materials to create a quick flash bang that propels the doc forward while stunning any nearby enemies, why it goes off so close to his body the world may never know. works by useage of witchcraft or something called science. replaces shotgun
Hang Glider (Da Vinci-esque edition) - in his bag full of tricks the doc keeps a deployable hang glider that while is useful, drops all his other belongings. slows the docs flaw of fast drops and even ascends him into the air a bit. replaces rocket boots

Speed - Average, will never be as fast as he wants to be
Drop after detachment - Fast, he says it's the weight of his bag but he's not the slimmest man in Redport

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10-20-2009, 08:29 PM
Two ideas!

Name : Doc Prospect

Appearance : Standard issue white lab coat. Red pants.

Story : Doc Prospect knows Jake all too well. Who do you think revives Jake after he's chomped, or had a little bit too close encounter with some lava. Doc Prospect is constantly warning Jake about the perils of cave grappling and treasure hunting, but Jake just doesn't listen. The good Doctor dives headlong after Jake to put him back together time and time again.

Play : Doc Prospect's preferred method of travel is his bright red (not pink) stethoscope. Being mostly elastic it can't quite swing him through the caves. Instead, upon attaching to a wall, it quickly springs back to shape pulling him quickly forwards. Great for climbing vertically. Perhaps if the Doc feels like it, he can use one of them adrenalin syringes on himself for a temporary boost of running speed.

- - - - -

Name : Paul V.

Appearance : Short, loose, baby blue athletics shorts (think the 70s). Matching top. Alternative outfit is bright blue spandex. Wrist bands, headband.

Story : Paul V. is a world class pole vaulter. After winning the Olympics 4 times in a row, he grew bored of the standard pole vaulting and of competitions as well. He traveled to the mountains of China where he trained with Shaolin monks and after 6 years and over 9000 hours of training was given a magical bo staff by his master. Paul isn't in this for the money, the greatest competition is with himself, and he wants to prove to himself he can conquer the greatest pole vaulting challenges.

Play : The ceiling is overrated! Paul V. firmly plants his magical bo staff on the floor to launch himself upwards and forwards. The magic part comes in that it can extend to many times it's original length! He could probably whack any corporeal things following him with it as well.

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10-20-2009, 08:37 PM
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but if they make a new character it would be cool to be able to acually use them in-game.

edit: WHOA, the app just glitched at the start of the level and i ended up under the map, i will screenshot it

edit2: Now im on top of the level, Wth is going on with this level

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10-20-2009, 09:02 PM
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Name: Patches
Appearance: Small brown monkey, wiry and sports a small yellow helmet.
Hook: His prehensile tail.
Attributes: Is faster at running and is able to latch onto the side of walls. His tail is slightly shorter then Jake's hook but launches out faster. Gravity is slightly less on him because of his small mass.
Story: In the Monkey Temple Jake came across a baby monkey all alone. Jake carried on through the temple and because of the excess weight on the rope, it broke causing the two to fall on the ground. Angry, Jake through his rope and hook shot on the ground he knew the ghost was coming soon and they were dead meat. The monkey hopped off his back and walked over to the rope. He tied the two ends together with some spit and some of his hair. The monkey brought the rope back to Jake and he proclaimed, "You patched it!""That's what I'll call you, Patches!" From then on the two were never without each other.
Possible Story/Quest: While Jake was swinging in the (Enter new temple here) he slipped and broke his arm. Unable to swing...
1. ...Jake had Patches carry him through the temple with the idol to the exit
2. ...Jake told Patches to carry on without him and to go it alone with the idol.

The Monkey could really serve to add more to the storyline and be a playable standalone character. He could also just be a variant to the hook shot while still having the same character with a slightly different sprite.

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