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Two player games

01-25-2017, 03:21 AM
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Two player games


i have a friend (almost) at the other side of the globe and lately we played 8pool (a billard app) together. We are now looking for some other games to play. But the most multiplayer games are like the "Clash-Series", MMOs, Social-Clicker or games in general you need to put more time into.
Do you know any two player games you can play together online for 15-30 minutes, maybe an hour, without the need to play it longer? Simply jump in and have fun. F2p would be great but paid is okay too.
I already know you can play a Worms via inet-connection, i found a table tennis and the mentioned 8ball ...

Or, maybe some asyncron games?! I have Carcassone, but i think $10 are too much for her just for one or two rounds.

Any suggestions would be great. Thank you! :-)
02-08-2017, 07:38 AM
I wonder if this is a issue for a lot of people.

I am working on creating a multiplayer hockey game (http://mokoolsportsgames.com/) which I wonder now if it can solve this issue. The point to go in and have some fun and play more if you want, play less if you don't.

What about Balified - http://www.balified.com

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