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App description: With the world's loveliest pets,
manage your café and upgrade your village!

[Game Features]

*** Café management with cute pets ***

Adopt pets like Welsh Corgi puppies, American short-hair cats and lob eared rabbits!
They will go on errands for you, and perform tricks to take special orders from customers!
Take care of your pets, dye your pets' hair, go on walks together, and explore together!

*** Fun interactions with unique customers ***

Make village people into your regular customers, including the barber, fruit shop owner, magician and flower shop lady!
Interesting stories related to your unique regular customers.
Accumulate your affinity point to receive special presents from your customers!

*** Trade, advertise, cooperate, and compete with other users for more fun ***

Buy and sell items with other users through the trading board and catalog!
Manage your café and village more efficiently by helping each other.
Participate in new events every week and get pretty items.
You can also take on the challenge to become the top of the rank.
01-25-2017, 07:30 PM
Im going to try this just for the hell of it, yet i not got my hopes up. Look closely at the bio and its cut and paste from there other game. I let you know what i think.

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01-25-2017, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by hellscaretaker View Post
Im going to try this just for the hell of it, yet i not got my hopes up. Look closely at the bio and its cut and paste from there other game. I let you know what i think.
Let us know, I'm tempted as I actually like games where you manage things. But all the management games on iOS for eateries ect are terrible freemium and not done right. I've yet to find one anyway.

Poor use of English is never a good start. I've translated it for free in the past for a dev even though they paid someone it still needed improvement. Although I am terrible with grammar.

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01-26-2017, 10:51 AM
I played it up to level 7 before I delete. I will share what I feel.

The graphic is nice and cute (main reason why I gave it a try), but it looks a bit blurry on my 9.7 inch iPad pro, not as sharp as the screenshot. Also the girl in the tutorial looks squeezed, as if the art suppose to fit for a wider screen. Maybe it looks better on iPhone.

Interface is a bit clumsy. The truck interface is too small, and the trading interface is a mess (that's when I delete the game). I don't like the drag-and-drop way of cooking either. Sometimes when I do one drop it fills 2 spots, and I cannot undo. Much prefer simple click. Whenever you serve a customer, you get a popup screen telling you how much you earn, and it stays for 2 seconds, which is annoying.

Some things are unclear. There is obviously an inventory limit, because whenever I make a yogurt or coffee, I get a small screen indicating how full my inventory is. But I cannot find anywhere I can actively check how many of each thing I have in my inventory. There is a special type of currency for speeding up (aside from the usual in-game coin and premium diamond you see in almost all F2P), but no idea how to get those, other than completing some tasks. Oh btw, tasks are easy but somewhat repetitive, and I don't know if there is a limit of how many you can get eventually.

And yes there are timers on almost everything. So far not too long (1-2 minutes) but I only unlocked the most basic stuff. Speed up requires special currency (already mentioned), no idea whether you need to pay money for them later on. I got enough for my brief play.

When you first login using your GC id, you get assigned a random string as your name. I figured how to change it, but my first 3 tries getting "invalid name" message (those are just strings, no special char). Not sure why so I tried "abc1" and it works. Then I realized once you change it, you cannot change again =.= Still haven't figured how to change my dog's name (can I?).

Translation is not good. Tried both English and Chinese. English is slightly better, but still sometimes confusing. Chinese translation is like they used Google translate or something, barely comprehensible. Based on the user name of other players, I think this is a Korean developer?

Overall, I wouldn't recommend. Possibly will give it 5/10 score. I guess if you speak Korean and play on a phone it might be better. But still, unless you insists on Cafeteria theme, go play Hayday, Township, or Paradise Bay.

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